App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: Our Highlights

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For the fourth year in a row, TheTool and PickASO team participated in the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017, a congress full of news and trends of App Marketing.

TheTool and PickASO at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017 #APSBerlin

It has been one more year for PickASO at the App Promotion Summit, and the very first time for TheTool, who enjoyed a great prominence and visibility on a European level. In this year’s edition of the congress, held on 30th of November at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin, all attendees interested in our App Store Optimization platform could visit our stand and request a demo.

Our team shared the main advantages of TheTool and explained its unique features: ASO Score, Organic Uplift, Competitor Analysis and the new functionality that we presented in the App Promotion Summit: Global ASO Report.

TheTool and PickASO team at APS Berlin 2017

Presenting the the latest news from TheTool: Global ASO Report (Beta)

In addition to showing the functionality launched in October – ASO Score, an automated algorithm that audits your ASO strategy and suggests tips to improve the different elements of your app’s ASO, TheTool team presented the new functionality during the congress – Global ASO Report.

More from TheTool | SEO for mobile apps and games

This new feature, which is still in its test phase, shows users a global vision of their apps in different countries and allows to compare data between different countries at the same time and on the same screen. Thanks to Global ASO Report, we can see the evolution of the ASO of our app in different markets, without having to extract different reports per country.

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Workshop “App Store Optimization (ASO) from scratch” by TheTool & PickASO

During this edition of the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017, we also debuted as lecturers and hosted the workshop “App Store Optimization (ASO) from scratch”, presented by Daniel Peris, CEO and co-Founder of TheTool, and Guillermo Gallardo, ASO Manager of PickASO.

The main topics to discuss were:

  • Keyword Research & Listing Optimization To Drive Installs
  • Localizing Your Product Page To Boost International Growth
  • Monitoring ASO KPI’s To Improve Performance

The session was a great success – the capacity was full before the workshop even started, and the attendees participated and interacted actively during the session. Thanks to all of you!

TheTool Workshop: App Store Optimization from Scratch

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: Topics and Speakers

The fourth edition of the congress was held on Thursday, November 30, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., opening a playground to learn about the newest trends, data insights and other curiosities of the sector presented by renowned professionals, both in conferences and in the two workshop rooms.

Mobile Growth Trends

The inaugural session was given by Patrick Kane, CEO of Priori Data, talking about Mobile Growth trends. He reviewed what the data from the apps industry in 2016, giving the insights about the volumes of downloads across the app stores and their importance for app marketers.

Mobile Growth Trends by Patrick Kane

App Traction

The next block was dedicated to App Traction, presented by: Noam Aurerbach, Head of Growth at Yeay, who told us about how to earn the trust of Generation Z (users born between 1993-2010); Florian Plenge, CEO of Skoove, who gave us advice from his own experience, such as, “collecting the payment data of your customers from the beginning will improve your conversion rate”. Then Gessica Bicego, Head of Performance Marketing at Blinkist, told us about app marketing channels and how important it is to think out of the box and have all of the channels in mind, not only Google and Facebook.

The morning conference session was closed with the round table on App Marketing, led by Peggy Anne Salz, Lead Analyst & Founder of MovileGroove; Thomas Petit, Growth Team Member at 8fit; Clara Scheurenbrand, Director of Sales at AppsFlyer; Daniel Pearson, CEO & Co-Founder of Bamboo and Dave Bell, Co-Founder & CEO of Gummicube.

APS Berlin 2017: Round Table

Growing Apps on Facebook

The next block after the break was devoted to Growing Apps on Facebook, represented by two case studies. The first one was presented by Marie-Anne Lambert, Global Head of Social Paid & Mobile Marketing at Hellofresh, who gave us advice on how to grow mobile apps with Facebook Ads, followed by Elena Tsarkova, User Acquisition and Growth Specialist at Wooga, who talked about how to optimize Facebook events to achieve greater growth on a global scale.

Elena has left us with some food for thought: “Video ads can generate very high CTR and Retention Rate in the US and Europe, but in the rest of the world the banners are still a better option, due to the slowness of the Internet connection.”

Data Driven App Growth

The conference continued talking about Data Driven App Growth, with the participation of Bastian Winterkemper, Client Partner at Liftoff, who told us about benchmarking app marketing funnels using comparative data, followed by the talk of Michal Dec, Product Manager at Voluum, who told us about the Bayesian method in A/B Testing for app marketers.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization block was introduced by Adeline Lee, Product Manager at Clue, who told us how ASO and branding of the app should work together through the A/B Testing in orderto find the best converting results in the different app stores.

We also enjoyed a panel about ASO and iOS 11, with the participance of Moritz Daan, Partner & Co-Founder of Phiture; Giulia Tobaldin, ASO Marketing Manager at Zalando and George Natsvlishvili, ASO Manager at Shpock.

ASO and iOS 11: App Promotion Summit 2017

App Engagement

After lunch, we started the afternoon with a round table on how to involve and retain the app users, with Marina Guz, Growth Lead at Mimi; Alex Austin, CEO of Branch; Jacques Frisch, User Acquisition Manager and Retention at Wallapop; Tamara Ziegler, Senior Product Manager Mobile at Deutschandcard, and Waldo Vanderhaghen, App Product Manager at Lesara.

After the round table we heard Alexei Chemenda, Managing Director USA in Adikteev, talking about retargeting and giving out insights: “Do not wait for your users to churn – engage them right away by retargeting even the active users”.

The App Growth Stack

This block, consisting of two talks, was initiated by Ekaterina Petrakova, ASO Manager at Rocket Internet, who talked about the minimum viable app marketing stack, followed by the case study of Uniwhere, presented by its founder Gianluca Segato, who explained how they managed to reach the 100k users without investing anything in user acquisition. Some tips from Gianluca: have a good product that solves a need, connect with audience in a direct and human way, and of course, growth hacking.

The day ended with a talk given by Denys Zhadanov, VP of Marketing at Readdle, who talked about the future of the app marketing, and the conference ended up with a traditional quiz on App Marketing.

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: The winners of the App Growth Awards

TheTool - Best App Analytics Platform Finalist

This year the App Promotion Berlin started a new tradition, hosting the App Growth Awards ceremony, aimed to support and recognize the work of professionals and the success of the companies dedicated to app marketing. TheTool was nominated finalist for the Best App Analytics Platform category!

Here are the winners in each category:

  • App Marketer of the Year: Edouard Daunizeau, Paid Media Growth Marketer at Hoop
  • App Advertising Platform: Google
  • App Analytics Platform: Priori Data
  • App Engagement Platform: braze
  • App Marketing Campaign: yodelmobile
  • App Store Listing: mobisystems
  • App Video: apptamin
  • App Marketing Agency of the Year: Bamboo
  • App Marketing Innovation: Urban Airship
  • ASO Company:

Congratulations to all the winners of the Mobile Growth Awards 2017 🙂

See you at the App Promotion Summit Berlin 2018?

To sum up, the congress was a great success! We presented the latest features of TheTool, shared the knowledge of ASO on the workshop session, learned a lot from all the speakers and did so much networking, both at the event and the After Party! Without a doubt, it has been a great event, that we will certainly repeat for the next edition.

If you could not attend App Promotion Summit this year and you want to see a demo of TheTool, request your demo now and we’ll be happy to show you TheTool in every detail. Do not hesitate to reach out, we are looking forward to hear from you!

Official website | APS Berlin

App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: Our Highlights
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