October Update: Meet TheTool’s ASO Score (BETA)!

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We’ve been working hard on an update that will make TheTool smarter, stronger and more helpful for you. Today we are proudly presenting a long awaited new feature – meet the ASO Score!

ASO Score – audit & evaluate the ASO of your app

We know it can be hard sometimes to see where to start with App Store Optimization strategy and what steps to follow to optimize it. This is why we created ASO Score – an automated algorithm that audits your ASO strategy and suggests actionable tips on how to improve it.

It is fully compatible with iOS 11 updates and can analyze your product page, conversion rate, visual elements and even localization: nearly all on-metadata and off-metadata factors. And it’s ready (and very easy) to use!

Who can use ASO Score?

ASO Score can be used by anyone! All our paid plans now include a fully operative beta version of ASO Score.

Not subscribed yet? Start the FREE trial now!

Why beta?

Because we are still working on it, making it more intelligent and better fitting your needs.

We kindly ask you all to share your feedback with us, leaving your questions or suggestions through “Support” button in your dashboard, or dropping an email: katerina@thetool.io.

We really appreciate your help and looking forward to your thoughts!

Where to find ASO Score?

Click on the icon in the left side menu or next to your app name:

ASO Score dashboard - TheTool

What’s inside the ASO Score?

ASO Score is a smart algorithm that revises your Apple App Store or Google Play listing and finds flaws to be resolved in each of its elements: Title / App Name, Subtitle, Keywords Field, Short and Long Description, Promotional text, Graphic Elements (Icon, Screenshots, Video), Conversion Rate, Localization and more.

The more data – the better!

We always say that what is not measured, can’t be optimized.

ASO Score analyzes the public information available for your app and takes it from the app stores. However, the audit will be incomplete without Conversion Rate data, or Keywords field for iOS apps.

This is why we recommend to integrate your Google Play console or iTunes Connect account with TheTool to provide ASO Score with some extra data to complete the evaluation and provide you with a full picture of your ASO strategy.

ASO Score: Overview

Start from getting an ASO Score evaluation for your App Store Optimization strategy: it is available for all the apps in your account. ASO Score gives an estimated Score that represents the strength of your app, and indicates the issues to resolve for each analyzed parameter.

ASO Score Overview

Full Support of 93 countries

As usual, you can get an ASO Score evaluation for 93 countries that TheTool is supporting:

ASO Score in 91 Countries

Text on-metadata analysis

Get the analysis and tips for optimizing any of your text on-metadata: App Name / Title, Subtitle, Short or Long Description:

Text On-Metadata Evaluation

Search Rankings

See if you are meeting your ASO goals and maximizing the visibility in Search for your app keywords:

ASO Search Audit


See the possibilities to improve your localization strategy and get tips on how to do it:

Localization Audit

App Information

Having an updated app is important factor for app stores ranking algorithms. Check if your pricing strategy, updates and app size are optimized for ASO!

ASO Score - App Info

Ready to get your app analyzed with ASO Score?

We are always working to help you analyze and improve the ASO of your mobile apps and games. With this new feature, you will get even more insights and actionable tips on how to move on with optimization.

This was just a snippet of what is inside the ASO Score – login or sing up now and check it out yourself! 🙂

Please, share all your thoughts or ideas about it with us and help us improve!

Do you like this feature? Share with your friends and colleagues! 🙂

October Update: Meet TheTool’s ASO Score (BETA)!
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Katerina Zolotareva

Katerina Zolotareva

Katerina is Marketing and Customer Success Manager at TheTool. She loves writing about App Marketing and Mobile Growth and helping app developers promote their apps! :) Follow her on Twitter or contact via LinkedIn

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