All the News about Google AdWords UAC (Universal App Campaigns)

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Google is going to migrate all AdWords for mobile apps to the Universal App Campaigns… Keep reading and brace yourselves, we got a hard one coming up!

Google AdWords for apps > Google UAC (AdWords Next)

It’s been two years since Google launched the Universal App Campaigns (UAC) to help developers increase the volume of downloads of their apps. Since then, UAC were coexisting with all other Google AdWords app install campaigns: Search and Display.

Universal App Campaigns

However, Google has recently announced that all AdWords app install campaigns will be moved to Universal App Campaigns (UAC) before the end of 2017. The app marketers weren’t very excited about it. And no wonder – they will be practically losing the control over the campaigns and lots of valuable information about their ads performance.

Yes, you’ve read well … Great changes are coming!

Starting from October 16th, all new app install campaigns created in AdWords will run under the umbrella of UAC. Existing promo campaigns in Search, Display and YouTube will stop running on November 15th, so it is important to start updating campaigns to UACs as soon as possible. Are you ready?

Why is Google making these changes in AdWords for apps?

Google logo

Universal App Campaigns use machine learning technology to analyze hundreds of millions of real-time ad slot combinations and optimize their ads and find the best users for each business goal.

Unlike most AdWords campaigns, the technology of Universal App Campaigns also automates the creation of ads. Google automatically designs different ads in various formats based on any of the lines of submitted text, images of an app from the app stores and an optional YouTube video. The system rotates the ads and adjusts the bids automatically to get the most downloads that meet the optimization goal (CPA, CPE, etc.).

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With Universal App Campaigns we can impact mobile users on Google’s largest properties: Search, Google Play, YouTube and the Google Display Network, all with a single campaign. You can also access exclusive UAC ad placements such as “Home” and search results in the Google Play Store. These locations will impact users while they are in the process of app discovery, searching for their next favorite app.

In this article we will share some new features and functionalities available for the new UAC campaigns. Let’s do this!

UAC: New bidding options

Up until now, the Universal App Campaigns were aimed to achieve a big volume of installs, but after the new changes it has evolved and now allows to choose the goal that will suit the business needs in a best way:

UAC Goals

Here are three types of campaigns, depending on your goal, which will be available in the interface of the new Google AdWords for Apps:

1. Goal: Drive app installs.

In this type of campaign, AdWords optimizes bids and targeting to get the biggest number of new users for your app. The bid that is set should be equal to the average amount that you are ready to pay for each user who installs your app (CPI – Cost per Install). For this type of campaigns AdWords offers two different ways of optimization:

a) Target all users to get the highest number of installs:

UAC goal: Installs

b) Get more installs, targeting the users that are likely to install the app and make a specific in-app action, for example, register.

2. Goal: Deliver in-app actions

If the goal is to find valuable users who will perform a defined in-app action as a conversion event, we recommend using this goal. AdWords will focus on the people who are most likely to complete the specific actions in the app. Set the target CPA (Cost Per Action) as the average amount you want to spend each time someone performs an in-app action, for example, In-App purchases.
Deliver In-App Actions - UAC Google

3. Goal: Build in-app action value

At the moment, this type of campaigns is still being tested by Google, so it isn’t yet available on the platform. This new type of Universal App Campaigns will allow us to target users based on the ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) that you want to get.

New exclusive UAC ad placements on the Google Play Store

To help users discover apps, Google has introduced new ad placements on the home and app listing page in the Google Play Store. These new locations are available exclusively through UAC and help reach users in “discovery mode” as they move around the store looking for a new app to install:
Google Play UAC Placement

New measurement program: App Attribution Partners

Many companies rely on third-party vendors to measure the impact of their ads and gain valuable insights into how users engage with their apps. That’s why Google has developed App Attribution Partner, a new program that allows to:

  • Easily integrate third-party data directly into Google AdWords. These 7 providers are: Adjust, Adways, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava and TUNE.
  • Facilitate the creation and configuration of conversions.
  • Drastically reduce installs discrepancies between AdWords and the attribution partners.
  • Have early access to beta testing and new functionality on the platform.


Beyond all the new features and migration of the AdWords campaigns to UAC, what we really consider significant is the meaning of this change and the effect it will have on the future of the advertising business of the almighty Google. The company plans to enhance automation, goal-based bidding, machine learning and automatic optimization in its channels. This will theoretically simplify the creation of ads and improve performance for both advertisers and Google itself.

What do you think about the migration of Google AdWords to UAC? Tell us in the comments!

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All the News about Google AdWords UAC (Universal App Campaigns)
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