Introducing TheTool, our new App Store Optimization (ASO) tool

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We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. – Albert Einstein

TheTool, a new and different App Store Optimization tool

We have been doing ASO since 2013 for both our clients (through PickASO agency) and our own applications. Since then, we had in mind to develop our own ASO tool, due to the huge volume of apps and keywords that we had to track daily. It wasn’t until the end of 2015, that we put together all the pieces that, at last, would allow us to have our own technology. And we went for it. Big data empowering the app marketing scene!

Today, after several months of development, many coffees, hours spent in slack, lines and lines of code and an intense private beta with some users (thanks friends!), we have launched TheTool (“Leonardo” version), a new and powerful ASO & Mobile Growth tool. 🔝

TheTool allows you to track in a very simple and intuitive way, the main ASO KPI: keywords rankings, Top Charts rankings, conversion rate (CR / CVR), installs, ad revenue and much more. TheTool also allows the study of the best keywords, helps finding new keywords at lightning speed and, the best part… everything on a single screen!

TheTool home

Performance-Based ASO?

Thanks to integrations with partners, in TheTool it’s possible to visualize the impact that ASO strategy has on installs and the revenue generated by our apps. ASO = BUSINESS.

This is “Performance-Based”.

Who is TheTool for?

TheTool, our Mobile Growth tool, is aimed at mobile application developers, appreneurs, startups, digital marketing or app marketing agencies, brands with apps on the stores… who want to track and increase the visibility of their apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store easily and without paying crazy amounts of money.

Everyone can use TheTool!

TheTool main features

As we have mentioned above, TheTool allows, very easily, to track keywords rankings, Top Charts rankings, conversion rate (from visit to install), installs and revenues. Besides that, TheTool is compatible with App Store and Google Play in 91 countries. Soon we will add more!

Let us explain in detail each TheTool feature:

Search (keywords)

With TheTool you can track keywords rankings of your app as well as the distribution of the rankings of them. TheTool offers traffic (search volume) and difficulty estimates, that helps you make strategic ASO decisions related with the search and allows you to discover new keywords with a click.

TheTool keywords rankings

TheTool keyword evolution

TheTool keyword suggestions

Top Charts Rankings

Track with TheTool your app’s Top Charts rankings, analyze the relation between installs and Top Charts (requires the integration of a developer console or an attribution partner / tracker) and measure the “Organic Uplift”, understanding it as the number of organic installs that are generated with each non-organic install expressed in %.

TheTool Top Charts rankings

How many installs are needed to reach the TOP 5 Free iPhone apps in USA? How many organic installs do you acquire when your app is on the Top 10 Lifestyle USA on Google Play? How does your app’s Top Charts Rankings affect Organic Uplift? And what about organic installs? And the revenue?

Find out with TheTool!

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As you well know, the ratings are one of the main factors that users take into account when downloading a new application. A good average rating will put the balance in your favor, while a low average rating can make your marketing efforts much less efficient. With TheTool you’ll not only know the average rating and the sentiment that the users have of your app, but also you can analyze what average rating your app gets every day and how it affects the all time average rating.

TheTool - user ratings

  • Have you fixed a bug that caused complains among your users?
  • Have you just implemented a User feedback system to improve and boost ratings?
  • Do you expect much from the new version of your app?

Track how these changes are reflected daily, both at the level of sentiment and at the level of ratings volume, and effectively verify how this affects the installs. As we have already mentioned, this is “Performance-Based”.

TheTool - ratings vs. installs

Conversion Rate

Do you want to make the most of the ASO of your application on app stores? Do you need to make the most of every $ you invest in marketing? Do you want that every listing visitor that you get turns into an install? If you’re considering any of these issues is because you’re in an advanced stage of your app marketing plan and you’re thinking ways to improve your conversion rate.

Improving the conversion rate will allow you to take the app marketing strategy to the next level, but the current tools on the market don’t show the evolution of this factor clearly. In TheTool you can see the evolution of your app’s conversion rate by country, day by day, and keep track of how the changes you make in your app store listing (title / App Name, screenshots, featured graphic…) and different marketing actions affect conversion rate.

TheTool - Conversion rate


As we explained before, in TheTool, integrations with third parties are fundamental. So, from the first moment we knew that having the information of developer consoles and trackers was essential. Not only for the data they provide, but also for being able to cross-reference them with other data and provide crucial information for effective decision-making. At TheTool, the installs also have their own section where they can be analyzed in terms of evolution and compare it with other countries to analyze the importance of each one of them.

Wouldn’t it be great to know each and every one of the countries where your app is generating installs so you can boost or expand your international strategy? With TheTool you have all this info in a visual way:

TheTool installs

TheTool installs 2

TheTool installs per country


In TheTool you can track your app’s revenue, because after all, this will always be our main goal, right?

TheTool revenue

At the moment, TheTool is able to track revenue earned through Google AdMob (the world’s most widely used mobile ad network), but soon you’ll be able to integrate with other ad networks and view how the volume of installs or marketing actions affect the In-app purchases and thereby close the app marketing cycle. Our idea is that by entering TheTool you’ll have a global vision of your project and help you make the best decisions.

And more…

  • Email alerts
  • Team members
  • Export data to CSV
  • Download charts
  • Annotations (Google Analytics style)

TheTool pricing

One of the problems we’ve faced when using other ASO tools is pricing. In general lines we found very, very high prices (thing that “tear” us apart because in PickASO we track thousands of keywords) or prices that change every month without any particular reason… Therefore, from the beginning we decided that TheTool will have plans according to the market needs and very competitive prices.

TheTool has 4 plans: 1 for free and 3 paid plans (with 7-day free trial), which fit all kind of needs:


Sign up for free in less than 20 seconds. Add your first app, add your first keywords and integrate your developer console (Google Play Developer Console or Apple iTunes Connect). All of these with only few clicks in a simple and intuitive way. Track 2 apps and 10 keywords in any of the 91 countries tracked by TheTool. Do you want more? Maybe you’re interested in the Startup plan…


With the Startup plan it’s possible, among other functionalities, to track 5 apps and 200 keywords and allows the integration with developer consoles. In addition, it allows to integrate trackers like AppsFlyer, thanks to our official partnership, and Ad networks like Google AdMob.

Price: 39€ / month
Launching offer: 29€ / month

Do you still want more? We have more plans for you


Track 15 apps and 600 keywords, export data to CSV, add annotations and much more with the Growth Plan from TheTool.

Price: 99€ / month
Launching offer: 69€ / month

Isn’t enough with the Growth plan? You’re a real ninja … The next plan is for you!


This plan is intended for developers or marketers with many apps available in many countries or for agencies that work with many clients. The Ninja plan allows to track 50 apps and 2,500 keywords. Also, with this plan you can invite 9 team members to your account.

Price: 249€ / month
Launching offer: 199€ / month

Does the ninja plan fall short and you need more? No problem! Tell us what you need and we can discuss it.

Visit the plans and prices in our official website to see all the info in detail: see plans and pricing

TheTool Roadmap

Soon we’ll announce new and powerful features, some with a touch of machine learning… TheTool roadmap is ambitious and practically infinite!

Sign up for FREE at TheTool and start using it

Do you have one or more apps and would you like to have them under control and improve their ASO? Do you have an App Marketing or ASO agency or do you work in the marketing department of a startup? We invite you to sign up for free in TheTool and try it out. You’re going to love it!

About TheTool

TheTool is an ASO (App Store Optimization) tool developed 100% in Spain by entrepreneurs and specialists in marketing and digital business with more than 10 years of experience. Do you want to give us a hand with the launch of TheTool? Share this article with your contacts on social media. Thank you very much!

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Have you tried TheTool? What do you think about it comparing it with other ASO tools? We look forward to your feedback!

Introducing TheTool, our new App Store Optimization (ASO) tool
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Daniel Peris

Daniel Peris

CEO of TheTool and PickASO, the app marketing agency leader in Spain. He has generated over 25,000,000 downloads for his own mobile apps.

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