How to Design Outstanding Screenshots and Get More App Downloads

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Do you want to improve the conversion rate to install of your app or game and get more downloads by optimizing your screenshots?

In this post we talk about different tools and tips to design great app screenshots and boost installs.

Why should we focus on our screenshots?

There are various ASO (App Store Optimization) factors that affect the conversion rate, and, therefore, the installs volume. One of those factors are the screenshots that appear on the app store listing. However, they are the last thing we think about when launching a new app. We are usually thinking about the keywords, designing an eye-catching icon, but we don’t give enough importance to the screenshots. That’s not a good idea!

For some reason we don’t see them as a powerful marketing tool to help us increase the conversion rate. But in reality, the screenshots should be treated like advertising banners that sell the app to the users – they should draw attention and make the user WANT to know more about the product and finally, to download it.

App Screenshots examples
Image: SplitMetrics

Today we will take a look at some tools and tips to create the best screenshots for Apple App Store and Google Play Store, that will increase the conversion rate and drive installs to your app.

How to create outstanding screenshots

While we are focused on promoting our app through different channels, investing in advertising or content marketing, we completely forget about optimizing, that can be as simple as changing screenshots of the app store listing.

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We have to put ourselves in our users’ shoes: they see our media campaign, click on the ad, enter the store, but if they don’t like the screenshots (mostly on App Store), they won’t install the app. So, in a way, screenshots contribute to getting positive results from our marketing efforts.

Here are our tips for creating perfect screenshots:

Create a story

We recommend you to follow a copywriting technique called A.I.D.A. This acronym is used in marketing and advertising to describe what should happen when a customer is impacted by an ad:

  • A – Attention (Awareness): attract user’s attention.
  • I – Interest: generate interest in the user by showing the virtues and benefits of our product or service.
  • D – Desire: convince the user that he needs this product and wants it to satisfy his needs.
  • A – Action: encourage users to take an action, for example, buy or download.

In the following example you can see how A.I.D.A. system works when implemented for screenshots and has a crucial role in a process of an install:

Screenshots: A.I.D.A. technique
Image: App Masters

Capture moments within an app

Once you’ve created a story behind each screenshot, you’ll know exactly what kind of screenshots to include to your app store listing. Now it’s time to capture!

You can use TestFlight for Apple or do beta testing on Google Play to operate within the test version of your app. Once you’ve loaded the app on your phone, take the screenshots:

For iOS devices, press and hold simultaneously Home button and Sleep/Wake button. The screenshot will be saved in your photo library.

For Android devices, press power and volume buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, the screen will blink and a notification will appear in the drop-down menu on the top of the screen, and you will have options to delete, share or edit the image. You can also access the screenshot in the image gallery.

Screenshots within a mobile device (optional)

Another option is to create framed screenshots within a mobile device. Here are some tools you can use to frame your screenshots:

Placeit has thousands of images that you can use in effortlessly: just drag and drop your screenshots to the panel.

Screenshots mockups with Placeit

Screenshot Builder by Launchkit

Launchkit is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create screenshots for the App Store and Google Play. Although the designs are limited, the service is free and you can customize the colors and fonts of your screenshots.

App Screenshots with Launchkit
Image: Launchkit


Canva is another great and easy to use design tool. It allows to design different types of images as banners or headers, so you can also create screenshots for Google Play, since the guidelines in Google Play Store are not as strict as in App Store. If you are not a graphic designer, this is a good option to create different kinds of designs.

Google Play Screenshots with Canva
Image: Google Play Screenshot created with Canva by AppMasters

A / B Test Screenshots

Google Play Console allows you to test icons, screenshots and copy until you find the most effective ones. Experiment and test different options to see which work best in terms of installs. You can add several screenshots on your listing on Google Play Store, but it is critically important to have the first one attractive and visible. This image has a huge impact on your app’s conversion rate 🙂

For iOS, use TestFlight, Apple’s beta testing system, where you can invite up to 2000 users to test your app. Each of them will have a section called “App Details”, where they can leave their opinion and feedback to the development team through the ‘Provide Feedback’ button. Beta testers have a maximum of 60 days to test and comment on each app they are testing.

Testing apps with TestFlight by Apple
Image: TestFlight

Final thoughts

Optimizing your app store listing is the first thing to do as a part of your ASO strategy to improve visibility and conversion rate. Screenshots play a vital role in conversion rate to install, so keep in mind our advices to make the most outstanding screenshots and boost installs!

This content was inspired by an article from AppMasters.

Do you know more tips on how to design great screenshots? Share them with us in the comments!

How to Design Outstanding Screenshots and Get More App Downloads
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