How to track your ASO competitors in TheTool

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In this article we will cover the main things that you should monitor in your competitors, and how to track and benchmark the key ASO metrics of your app against your competition using TheTool.

You are not alone in the market, and as we know, the mobile world is changing rapidly, so it is absolutely essential to keep an eye on the market and your competition in the first place when executing your App Store Optimization strategy.

Let’s get started 🙂

4 great things to monitor and learn from your ASO competitors

1. Search and keywords rankings

Keyword analysis is a crucial part of any App Store Optimization and can’t be done without proper benchmarking your app’s rankings against your competitors’.

By simply monitoring the keywords you can always detect whether your competitor has implemented an ASO-focused update – if he started ranking for more keywords, for example.

Keywords Search Rankings

TheTool provides handy reports about the current state of your app in search rankings and allows to compare it graphically to your competitors’. It is easy to view for how many keywords is your and your competitors’ apps tracking in each point of time.

The keywords rankings show the positions for each keyword in particular, and the change during the selected time period. TheTool provides historical data for every metric, which is available starting from the day you have added your app and keywords and with no time limitations.

2. User reviews & ratings

Checking your competitor’s user reviews and ratings is an extremely useful tactic to improve your app and your ASO!

When scanning through positive reviews, you can find some helpful insights about what features of the app are most attractive and bring most value to the users. This can be transformed into an idea of improvement or pivoting your own product.

And the negative reviews, as no other, can help identify the main problems with other apps – bugs or crashes. Search for words like “bug” or “crash” in your competitor’s reviews and avoid these errors in your app or game.

In TheTool you always have at hand a user ratings benchmark for any period of time:
Competitors User Reviews

3. Backlinks and brand mentions

Working on a SEO for apps is really important, as the mobile web search is growing together with the use of smartphones in our daily life.

Since the apps can now appear in mobile web SERP (Search Engine Results Page), monitoring backlinks from your competitors (and your own) can help you to see where to direct your app marketing strategy. For example, you can identify some media/blog/influencer from your industry to get in touch with.

ahrefs is a great tool for tracking any app’s (App Store & Play Store) backlinks. It can track new and lost backlinks, check anchor texts, keywords for organic search, URL ratings and many more:

ahrefs - backlinks tracking

Another great tactic is to monitor brand mentions of your competitors, and get ideas about the most viral content that app was mentioned in.

With the tool like Buzzsumo you can see top mentions for any app, shares and engagement in every social network in any country:

Buzzsumo - brand mentions

4. Installed SDKs

If your competitors are offering a similar product, they are probably facing the similar challenges when developing it. Learn from their experience and see which SDKs they are using in their apps. With this you can collect some useful ideas or solutions for your app!

MightlySignal is a handy tool to scan any iOS or Android app to find installed SDKs. Besides spying on your competition, you can study other apps and find out cool solutions to adopt:

Installed SDK tracking

More tools to spy other apps’ SDKs: Mobbo, SafeDK

How to add competitors and start monitoring them in TheTool

Step 1 – Add your app and competitors

If you are new user and didn’t yet add any app, go to your dashboard and click “Add new app” in the top right corner of the page. Select your platform (Apple App Store or Google Play Store), primary country, and type in your App ID or URL from the store to add new app or game.

You will be redirected to a tab with a few suggested competitors for your app. Choose some of those, or add other competitors by typing in their IDs:

Add competitors TheTool

Step 2 – Select and / or Add keywords

After you have submitted your app and your competitors, you will be asked to add a few keywords to start the tracking and optimization process.

Choose some keywords from the list and add your own ones to create a wide pool of keywords to work on:

Keywords for competition

You can also use a keyword suggestion tool later to find more suggested keywords for your app or game:

Keywords suggestions - TheTool

Adding competitors to an existing app

Enter your app analysis page in TheTool, and click on “Competitors” icon in the right side menu:

Competitors Icon

You can then search for your competitors by typing in their store IDs / URLs, or chose to add some of the suggested competitors:

Adding ASO competitors

Monitoring competition is an indispensable part of App Store Optimization strategy. Finding out as much information about competitors as possible, learning from their mistakes and their ideas, and always keeping up to date with market changes is fundamental for winning this race. So never stop monitoring 🙂

Excited? Try now with Free Trial in any of our Paid plans!

Do you know any great strategy to monitor competitors? Tell us in the comments!

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How to track your ASO competitors in TheTool
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