The effect of Organic Uplift in organic installs and eCPI [Case study]

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In this post we talk about ASO (App Store Optimization), Organic Uplift, boosting paid campaigns, eCPI and much more.

Introducing Organic Uplift

Last week, after some experiments and testing, we introduced Organic Uplift metric in TheTool, our brand new ASO tool. This “curious” and relevant metric is possible to our official Attribution Partner integrations like AppsFlyer. Don’t worry, in case you use another Attribution Partner, more integrations (view all integrations) are coming to TheTool very, very soon. Also, it’s important to remark that, for iOS App Store, an attribution partner is the ONLY way to measure organic installs and ASO strategy performance.

Remember: ASO = Traffic (Search, Top Charts, Featured) + Conversion

Organic Uplift helps us understand how our apps perform on the app stores and take the right ASO decisions. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Organic Uplift @ TheTool - ASO Tool

In this screenshot from TheTool (installs section) you can see that when non-organic installs volume increases, Organic Uplift improves (green line) and organic installs volume increases (dark orange)… Nice, isn’t it? Don’t forget organic installs are FREE.

Hey, wait! Organic Uplift seems interesting, but… What the **** is it?

What is Organic Uplift?

Sure other people have other definitions or, maybe, another names for the same stuff, but we understand Organic Uplift as the number of organic users acquired per each non-organic user expressed in %. Easy, right?

For example:

  • 50% organic uplift: you get 0,5 organic install per each non-organic install.
  • 100% organic uplift: you get 1 organic install per each non-organic install.
  • 1200% organic uplift: you get 12 organic installs per each non-organic install.

Organic Uplift depends on country, category and on-metadata (Search + Conversion) optimization.

The higher the Organic Uplift, the more organic installs and, so, the lower eCPI (effective Cost Per Install).

In TheTool, Organic Uplift helps understand the relation between non-organic & organic installs in a simple and visual way.

Case study: Increasing Organic Uplift -> Decreasing eCPI

Well, we all know (or should know :P) installs volume is a crucial ASO factor when it comes to keywords and Top Charts rankings. Also, we know that higher rankings means more visibility and… do you know what happens when you increase an app’s visibility on stores…? Yes! You get more organic installs!

With this in mind, we decided to run a test with a friend and asked him to concentrate social ads (Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads) CPI budget in a short period of time. These are the results:

Top Charts vs. Installs - Organic Uplift

This chart from TheTool shows Top Charts rankings data + installs data + organic uplift data (we love this chart! ❤)

Mobile Growth table

Mobile Growth data table

Since Feb 19, Top Charts rankings and keywords rankings starts improving and from Feb 23, organic uplift (o. uplift) and organic installs volume increases, so, for a higher installs (organic + non-organic) volume, eCPI decreases.

Some notes about the experiment:

  • Experiment is based on a local iPhone app (available only in 1 country) and starts on Feb 19.
  • App on-metadata was already optimized for Search & Conversion.
  • We did not increase budget, we simply relocated it.
  • We did not run “burst campaigns” (incent installs).
  • eCPI before experiment was 2,17€ (130 installs)
  • eCPI after experiment is 1,17€ (218 installs)
  • Today (Mar 6), Organic Uplift is still over 100%.

As you can imagine, our friend is VERY HAPPY!

(We calculate eCPI by dividing total number of installs by total spent budget)

How to view & measure Organic Uplift in TheTool

We keep App Store Optimization & Mobile Growth simple, so viewing Organic Uplift in TheTool dashboard is very easy!

  1. Login to your TheTool account (and add apps and keywords)
  2. Go to ‘Integrations’ section
  3. Integrate your Attribution Partner / tracker
  4. It’s done!

About TheTool

TheTool is an ASO (App Store Optimization) tool developed 100% by entrepreneurs and specialists in marketing and digital business with more than 10 years of experience.

Haven’t you tried it yet? Don’t forget to sign up for FREE and, in case you’re interested in testing Organic Uplift feature, sign up in Startup, Growth or Ninja plans. They all have 7-day FREE trial so you can test everything!

With TheTool you can:

  • Track Top Charts rankings and keywords rankings in 91 countries (Apple App Store & Google Play Store)
  • Track conversion rate (CVR)
  • Track organic & non-organic installs
  • Track Organic Uplift
  • Track ad revenue
  • And much more…

Feel free to share this post about Organic Uplift, App Store Optimization and eCPI. Thanks in advance!

What are you waiting for to “play” with Organic Uplift?

The effect of Organic Uplift in organic installs and eCPI [Case study]
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