Super Mario Run for iPhone: 30-Day Growth Analysis Infographic

Super Mario Run: 30-day growth infographic

Last December 15th was released on the App Store: Super Mario Run, the first official mobile game for Nintendo’s most famous plumber. On that day, the game was launched in the Apple App Store under a great expectation reaching more than 20 million pre-orders since its announcement back in September during the iPhone 7 keynote.

In Cupertino, they knew about the eager demand that existed to enjoy the Nintendo’s games in smartphones and that it was an opportunity where they had to take advantage. Therefore, on launching day, Apple used the total App Store area intended for highlighted apps to promote in exclusive Super Mario Run and did it so with only one goal: to make it the most successful game launch in the history of App Store.

Super Mario Run game

The game got a aggregated score of 77 in Metacritic, far from the more than 90 points that always get the Nintendo classics: Super Mario World, Galaxy, 3D, etc. However, those 77 points were more than enough to convince a legion of fans of this saga, who wished for a long time to be able to enjoy in their mobile phones the adventures of Mario, Luigi and the rest of characters of this amazing fantasy world designed by Shigeru Miyamoto back in the 80s.

The huge numbers came really fast and after Mario’s first week on the App Store, Nintendo shared through its Twitter account, data that reflected the launch as a great success: Super Mario Run had achieved the shocking number of 50 million installs worldwide:

What happened to Super Mario Run a month after its release?

Thanks to our technology we have been able to keep track of what has been the journey of Super Mario Run in relation to Top Charts Rankings and user ratings.

We, TheTool’s team, have analyzed the 5 most representative countries (United States, Germany, Spain, Brazil and, of course, Japan) but, in addition, we have completed this information with extra data from all countries to have a broader view about the game’s growth during its first 30 days on the App Store. The result of the data analysis has been this spectacular infographic, that we want you to enjoy and share.

Infographic: Super Mario Run

Infographic: Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run: infographics data

It seems more than evident that during the first week of launching the game we can speak of an outstanding success, as Super Mario quickly conquered the Apple App Store:

  • TOP 1 iPhone Free Games for 20 consecutive days in over 80 countries.
  • TOP 1 iPhone Free Overall for 15 consecutive days in over 50 countries.
  • TOP 1 iPhone Grossing Games for 5 consecutive days in over 20 countries.
  • TOP 1 iPhone Grossing Overall for 5 consecutive days in over 10 countries.

Spectacular data that even defeated another of the great launches of 2016: Pokémon GO.

It’s important to highlight that the game has decreased slowly. After that first successful week, it stopped being at number 1 rank of the two grossing charts and only reappeared, in rare and few occasions in countries with low population.

In the same way, although in a more progressive way, the game has been lowering ranks on the Top Free charts, both the overall and the games charts. In the last analyzed days, Super Mario Run was only TOP 1 in games charts in 15 countries and had already ceased to occupy the top rank on the overall top chart of all countries.

From our point of view the reasons for this “descent” are quite obvious. First, the infographic shows us how users have not rated positively the game: just look at the data of the 5 selected countries to understand that the data of average rating, volume and sentiment are tremendously similar. Numbers that don’t even reach an average rating of 3 and a mostly negative sentiment that remains day after day during the analyzed period.

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If we look at the rest of the countries, we can see how the worst average rating obtained reaches the lowest rating in Russia, with a poor rating of 1.5 and only reaches a rating of 2.8 in Mexico, the country where Super Mario Run was best rated for iPhone and iPad.

Definitely, the small number of levels that can be played for free, the business model based on a single payment of 10$ and the mandatory Internet connection to enjoy Nintendo’s first game on the App Store, have overshadowed the huge success that achieved during its launch week.

Nintendo and Apple’s business specialists are clever enough to know perfectly well that Mario can be much more successful and generate more revenue than it has already generated. Therefore, we do not discard new levels, a longer duration of the game and why not, a different business model that satisfies more users.

We’ll keep an eye on the news and we’ll keep you updated!

Have you downloaded and played Super Mario Run? What do you think about the infographic? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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