WWDC 2017: All the ASO news of Apple App Store 2.0

App Store 2.0: New face (WWDC 2017)

June 5 2017 was a big day in San Jose with a new Apple WWDC packed with news. The new features have been introduced on the hardware side: new iMac Pro, new MacBooks, HomePod – a new smart device that claims to be revolutionary – and many more things. And as for the software side, with iOS 11 we will witness the biggest change that Apple App Store has had since its launch.

In this article, I’m going to focus on what is the most related to us, mobile app marketers – the new App Store and the implications that may follow in the ASO, but without insisting, as I also want a new iMac Pro 😛

Apple has announced that its App Store has reached a new milestone in its history: developers earning have reached 70 billion dollars since its launch in 2008. Apple’s keynote followed with some other interesting facts: 500 million users visit the App Store every week, 96% of iOS users are satisfied and 86% have upgraded to the latest version of iOS 10 and have generated more than 180 billion downloads in its entire history.

Among the aesthetic novelties of the new App Store 2.0 is a complete redesign of the listings, in format of cards and more similar to Apple Music. A new tab bar separates apps and games in two tabs, giving the same importance to apps and to games, and a new section called “Today” with all App Store news, tips and tricks and a highlights of “App of the day”. Do you know if one day we will be able to pay to become the app of the day?

App Store 2.0 AppleChanges in product page (app store listing) that will affect ASO

I like to follow Apple’s keynotes with great expectations, it is true that a few years ago since iPadizate I lived it with more intensity, not only because of the fanboy I am of the apple brand, but also because those days we made records of visits and excelled every year. Now I live it differently, but also with great enthusiasm and admiration of each novelty coming from Cupertino. And if, in addition, there are news affecting the app marketing, in this case they generate so much interest in me as even to get up early this morning and write this article 😉

Here is my summary of some of the most important things that affect iOS listings in the App Store:

  • App Name characters limitation: The App Name becomes a field of 30 characters, far from the 50 characters permitted since the last update and very, very far from the 255 characters that we had in the beginning. Where are those wonderful years!
  • Video App Preview takes more prominence: When the user navigates through the App Store and enters a listing that contains video preview, it will automatically play on mute (and will not appear in the search results). In addition, Apple has announced that it has tripled the number of videos that will appear in the listing. I would really like to see how this last thing looks!
  • A new Subtitle field of 30 characters: A new field to briefly describe what is the app about and complement the title. This field will appear just below the title and above the screenshots. Can we work keywords in this field?
  • The long description will be fixed between the updates: Apple will not allow developers to make changes in the long description between new versions. All the news should appear in the new Promo field.
  • New Promo field of 170 characters: This is a new promotional field where we can summarize the most important advantages of the app in 170 characters. This information will go just above the long description. We understand that this field will be indexed in the search results, so besides showing the news about recent updates, it will allow us to use keywords for App Store Optimization.
  • More visibility to the ratings and reviews: We can now see an average rating of any app much easier, faster, and also more visual – thanks Apple! On the other hand, an average rating of the current version and the accumulated rating of all versions will no longer be shown. And the reviews will also become more visual, with the developers’ answers to the users shown there.
  • More weight to high positions in Top Charts: If an app is ranking high in its category or in Top Grossing, its position will appear in the tab (right next to the average rating).

We will have to wait until September to see how these new tabs will look on the Store, although some friends have already come forward:

What do you think about the news of the new App Store 2.0? What implications do you think they will have towards the ASO of iOS apps? I am waiting for you in the comments!

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And if the changes in the App Store were not enough … Google Play reacts and increases the maximum length of the Title to 50 characters!

PS: We are already updating TheTool to all these ASO related updates 🙂

WWDC 2017: All the ASO news of Apple App Store 2.0
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