10 Actionable Things You Can Do With TheTool Right Now

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Everyone in the app marketing industry knows fine well that having a strong App Store Optimization strategy is a MUST.  Understanding how your app or game performs in the app stores is kind of tricky and overwhelming – but don’t worry, there are some actions you can take in order to help yourself – find out how you can make use of TheTool to research, track and optimize the most important ASO KPIs and get more downloads. Let’s ASO!

How to make the most out of TheTool

Weather you are currently using our ASO tool or you are just looking for some more information about it, you should definitely have a look at this article and find out how to use TheTool in the best way possible.

10 Actionable Things You Can Do With TheTool

After a time of talking to our customers and listening to their most common doubts and questions, we thought it would be helpful to create this list with the 10 actionable things that can (and should) be done with TheTool in order to help everyone with App Store Optimization.

1. Perform a full Keyword Research with our set of tools (Keyword Spy, Keyword Suggest, Keyword Density, etc.) and build your keyword set

TheTool has a full set of features designed to help you with your Keyword Optimization process, starting from the initial research, and all the way through implementation, tracking and improving visibility. Let’s start from the very beginning and focus on research now!

Use our Keyword Suggest feature to get the bulk suggestions for any keyword in any country (93 countries) and store. The suggestions are based on the autocomplete (and when there are suggestions – there is traffic on these search terms), so it is worth trying to search for all the keywords that can be relevant for your app or game. Keyword Suggest is an ideal instrument to find and start working with long-tail keywords (keyword combinations). With Keyword Suggest it is simple – you only need to select an app store, a country and a keyword. Take a look at this example:

Get keyword suggestions and create your mid and long tail keyword combinations

Still need inspiration and more keyword ideas? Go naughty and spy on your competitors! Use our Keyword Spy feature (you can find it in Competitors Section) and see what are the most used keywords in your competitors’ store listings:

Check out what are the keywords that your competitors are using the most

Still not enough? So it’s time to dig even deeper and find all the keywords and keyword combinations from the listing of any app on any app store. Our Keyword Density feature does just that – helps you find out all the possible head-, mid- and long-tail combinations from the product page of any app, see how many times they are used, what is their density in all text metadata, and see if they’re already used in any of the strong ranking fields (Name / Title, Subtitle / Short Description). In addition, you can use Keyword Density tool in “Analyze text” mode – to check the density of keywords in your textual fields before submitting a new version of your app to the store.

Check the relevance of your keywords

2. Audit your ASO strategy with the ASO Score – Improve Visibility & Conversion Rates

If you are not sure of how well is your ASO optimized, don’t sweat it! We have the perfect solution for you: ASO Score, an automated algorithm that scans through your product page, identifies if any of the elements needs optimization, and gives you actionable tips on how to improve each element of your strategy.  Try using it on new markets when localizing your app to make sure your ASO is ready to rock it!

Audit your ASO strategy with ASO score

With ASO Score you can easily detect the starting point and tips to take the first steps in optimizing your ASO, too! Amazing, isn’t it?

3. Find low competition keywords (with high traffic and business potential)

Did you know that the Keyword Rankings Table in TheTool provides the necessary metrics to evaluate and decide on which keywords to target in your Search Visibility optimization? Traffic, Difficulty and KEI metrics are designed to help you analyze and identify the keywords with the most potential (in bringing you more organic downloads with less competition). Try to find the best balance between low difficulty and high traffic scores, and aim for the highest KEI possible to find out the most interesting keywords for your mobile apps.

Find the best business opportunities

Remember that the most important keywords should be included in the strongest ranking fields: App Name / Title, Subtitle (iOS), Short Description (Android).

What are you waiting for? Go try it out!

4. Spy on your competitors, find out what their ASO strategy is and… copy it!

Monitoring, analysing and learning from competitors is crucial – you are not alone in the app stores, and fighting for visibility can be quite challenging. Luckily, TheTool has everything you need to succeed! 

Depending on the plan you choose, you can add up to 5 different competitors per app and study your metrics in benchmark with the competition. In addition to the Keyword Spy tool, that can identify the most used keywords of your competitors’ app listings, with TheTool you can monitor and react based on your competitors’ visibility in Search and in Top Charts, as well as the User ratings, and Average Rating. Make sure you make a good use of these tools to find out the weak points in your competitors’ strategy and use it to your own advantage!

Read more and find out How to Track your ASO Competitors with TheTool.

Monitor competitors performance

5. Keep an eye on your rankings progress with our accurate app keywords tracker

Thanks to our app keywords tracker, you can check Keyword Ranking History and see the ranking progress of each keyword throughout time. Are you wondering what apps rank in top positions in a certain country for the keywords you target? The information about the top-5 apps is always available for you here!

Check your keyword distribution over time

6. Get real-time rankings with our “Keywords On-Demand” feature

“Keywords On-Demand” is a feature that allows you to refresh the data for any keyword in REAL TIMERunning a TV ad campaign or having a special event and need to monitor your rankings more frequently that once a day? You only need to select the keywords you want to update and click on “Refresh Keyword”. Easy!

ASO Keywords On-Demand feature

Note: this feature is only available in Ninja Plan.

7. Track user ratings and sentiment daily, view how it affects downloads and Conversion Rate and, if necessary, boost them

User feedback is one of the most impactful metrics in terms of Conversion Rate to download – most of the users browsing the app stores take into account the average rating and reviews before downloading an app or game.

At TheTool, we are aware of the importance of User Feedback – we divide it into Positive Sentiment (4- and 5- Starts), Neutral Sentiment (3-Stars) and Negative Sentiment (1- and 2-stars) to visualize it and help you optimize it. On the first graph, you can instantly see how did your users react on a new version update, and work on optimizing your Average Rating. If your Daily Average Rating is for a few days lower than the All-time Average Rating, it means that the All-time Score can soon drop, which will negatively affect Conversion Rate. In this case you can try to adjust your prompt to make sure more users leave you feedback, or work on the best time to ask for rating and provide users with a Help Center to keep negative reviews away from the stores.

On the second chart, we see the correlation between the volume of ratings and volume of downloads. There is a direct relation, the more installs – the more ratings, but it is also correct the other way round. More ratings and better Average Rating would positively affect Search Visibility and Conversion rate to install, and, as a result, lead to more downloads.

Check the relationship between Ratings and Conversion Rate to Install

8. Integrate iTunes Connect, Google Play Console, AppsFlyer or Adjust and see how ASO strategy impacts downloads volume

The main idea behind TheTool is to combine public data from the stores and private data, only accessible by developers (Google Play Console, iTunes Connect or Attribution Trackers) in order to understand the impact of ASO on the volume of installs and revenues.

If you work with any attribution tracker (AppsFlyer, Adjust, and more coming soon!) and integrate them with TheTool, you can track and analyze the organic and non-organic installs of your app daily per country. In addition, TheTool helps you measure the Organic Uplift that tells you how many organic installs you got for each non-organic install. This information is extremely helpful to analyze the performance of User Acquisition campaigns, view how installs volume impacts visibility in the Top Charts, and better control the budget of your paid campaigns.

View your number of organic and non-organic installs

9. Understand your global ASO strategy, monitor localizations and take action

Did you know that with TheTool you can track your ASO in 93 different countries? :O Let’s get to the nitty gritty of finding the perfect countries for your product!

The app marketing business has become one of the most competitive markets nowadays, as new apps are being released every day to the stores, finding the perfect niche (and country) for your product might be overwhelming.

With our Global ASO report, you can have worldwide data and compare up to 6 countries in a single view and analyze the most important metrics in the selected countries:

Monitor up to 6 different countries at the same time

TheTool’s Global ASO report is designed to help you clearly spot the best performing countries for your app, identify ones that need optimization and focus your attention on the underperforming metrics in every country.

Use this feature to analyze your business worldwide and start your ASO implementation straight away!

10. BONUS: Save time and money using the best ASO tool in the market 😉

At TheTool, we love what we are doing and we always follow a customer-driven approach: we put your needs and requirements ahead of anything else!

We have tailored pricing plans that can fit everyone’s needs (and pocket) and we love including your ideas in our roadmap!

Final thoughts

In this article we covered the 10 essential and also very cool things you can do with TheTool.

We tried to keep things brief and include images in every point so you understand better when putting these actions into practice yourself. But if you need more help – don’t hesitate to contact us!

Do you feel like these actions can help you with ASO? Do you feel like there is something missing that you would like to add up?

Tell us what you think about these 10 actions and feel free to share your ideas with us – we would love to add them to the list 😉

10 Actionable Things You Can Do With TheTool Right Now
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