Does Your App Need Its Own Social Media Accounts? [2018]

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This week we have a guest post from our friend Carissa Lintao, app strategist and founder of Apptuitive

Posting on your app’s social media alone will not help you acquire new users. Also, you’re better off not setting up accounts for your app if you don’t plan on investing a significant amount of energy into it. Social media marketing is proven to work, but when experts say you need a strategy, you need an actual strategy.

The Current State of Social Media

“Social media” is an umbrella term used to cover the current top four social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Aka, the places where we will all spend more than five years of our lives.

App Social Media

Social media is noisy. Your app’s account will need to compete against your users’ friends, family, hobbies, guilty pleasures, and other businesses for attention. If you don’t create content people actually want to see, you’re out of the game.

But as of 2018, here is Apptuitive’s hot take on the big four:

  1. Instagram: Engagement with brands on Instagram is 10x higher than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter. Not to mention, the app’s DAUs skyrockets every year. Instagram keeps grabbing attention and holds it.
  2. Facebook: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist of a marketer to explain that everyone uses Facebook – almost religiously. Facebook advertising should be the foundation of any app advertising strategy. If you want to learn more about app promotion in Social Media read this.
  3. Twitter: Twitter is saturated and no one wants to hear from an app account unless it’s opinionated and has values. If you genuinely want to be part of serious conversation centered around change 一 Twitter could be an interesting strategy.
  4. Snapchat: Instagram is slaughtering Snapchat in front of our eyes. Don’t listen to “experts” when they say to use Snapchat because most of them either have some sort of vested interest in Snapchat or already have a massive audience. Acquiring, retaining, and entertaining potential app users on this platform is a waste of time, money, and energy.

When to Create an App Social Media Account

Again, not every app necessarily needs its own social media presence. Many apps do just fine with just app store optimization, word of mouth, or just luck. But if you’re actively working on the following, you should be on social:

  • You’re running Facebook and Instagram ads
  • You want to build a brand
  • You want to personally engage with followers and provide actual value

When shouldn’t you be on social media? If you have the following passive mindset:

  • “I just want to have it.”
  • “Posting will get me followers.”
  • “People that use social media are people that want my app.”
  • “I have no time but I’ll hire a freelancer to take care of it for me.”

Of course every situation is different, and you might not feel the same about social media, but these are just a few basic guidelines and red flags to take note of.

HQ Trivia
HQ Trivia – Good example

HQ Trivia is a great example of what an app social media profile should look like. The brand keeps a cohesive theme and stays top of mind by posting relevant graphics and content in general. If you scroll through the feed, notice how they’re approaching Instagram strategy:

  • Giveaways
  • Fan features
  • HQ Trivia updates
  • BTS content

The content is aligned with what the app is all about (live trivia on a global scale) but it’s not spammy. The photos and videos are fun and surprising because you never know who’s going to make a guest appearance on the gram or what the app is giving away to fans next.

Bye Bye Bullseye
Byebyebullseye – Bad example

If you can’t recognize that Bye Bye Bullseye is a mess of an account, please don’t put your app on any social media platforms. For starters, Instagram was built so people and businesses could share visually attractive photos and stories, and that’s not evident here:

  • The entire account is promotion
  • Unattractive profile picture
  • Unattractive photos and incohesive feed
  • Ineffective hashtags

The point of social media marketing is not to make a living billboard out of your app, it’s to be social 一 or at least look like it.

Conclusion – Does Your App Need a Social Media Account?

Social media marketing is a must for any serious app that’s about to or has already launched. However, you need to be smart about creating and executing a strategy. When crafting a strategy for your app, take a look at what the Top Apps are doing ー you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just do your due diligence and convey the app’s value.

Does Your App Need Its Own Social Media Accounts? [2018]
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