2 FREE Google Chrome Extensions for App Store Optimization (ASO)

As you well know, we love technology and we like to develop “mini-tools” that help us in our day to day. Not long ago, we have updated our extensions for Google Chrome that allow to reinforce and optimize certain tasks related to ASO (App Store Optimization).

Do better ASO with our Google Chrome Extensions!

In this article we present 2 FREE extensions for Google Chrome that can help you with your ASO strategy. Go, go, go!

Search Popularity for Apple Search Ads & ASO

Apple Search Ads Search Popularity for ASO

Apple Search Ads has been recently opened outside of the US and, although it is true that for the first time in history we can find search volumes within Apple’s App Store, the way in which Apple displays these figures is not the best, as it shows them in the form of bars. This simple Chrome extension converts these bars into numerical values, so it is now much easier to know if a particular keyword has more or less search volume than another one.

What are you waiting for to download and test it?



ASO – Google Play Short Description Viewer

ASO - Google Play Short Description Viewer

This simple, yet practical and effective ASO extension for Google Chrome is focused on keyword research and keyword spy in the Google Play Store.

Curiously enough, the short description (which by the way is an ASO factor with a lot of weight) of an app is not visible from the Google Play Store website, it’s only visible from the Google Play app and, until now, it was rather tedious to get that description. Either you looked at it from an Android device or you spent some time browsing through the HTML… This extension makes this task much easier!

The extension allows you to view the short description in all languages of any mobile application or game available in Google Play from your desktop. That is, once installed, you will only need to browse any app (e. g. Snapchat) to display the short description under the Title, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Google Play Short Description Viewer

This extension is being used by more than 4,000 people so… Why aren’t you using it yet?



So here you have our 2 Google Chrome extensions that can help with the ASO of your apps. What do you think of them? Do you think they can be useful? Have you used them yet? Tell us in the comments, both here and in the Google Chrome web store.

We have new ideas for ASO extensions so… STAY TUNED!

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UPDATE: We launched a new ASO extension to spy any app or game’s feature graphic on Google Play!

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2 FREE Google Chrome Extensions that will Help with ASO
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