How to Spy Feature Graphic for Any App on Google Play from Desktop

Big news – meet our new extension for Google Chrome! Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer is a new and very easy to use tool that shows feature image of any mobile app or game on Google Play Store website from desktop and helps you spy on your ASO competitors.

ASO – Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer / Spy

Feature Graphic on Google Play is one of the Top 5 ASO Factors that have most influence on Conversion rate. Along with icon and screenshots, Feature Graphic is responsible for leaving an impact and convincing a user to download mobile app or game by providing an idea and feeling of the experience that this app has to offer.

At the time of A/B testing, in order to identify the best performing combination of graphic elements of listing on Google Play, carrying out a little research on competitors can give a lot of insight to developers and marketers.

We just made this job easier – no need to manually search for the apps on Google Play to check their Feature Graphic from your mobile device. Now you can finally do it on desktop, with our new Chrome extension:

Spy Google Play Feature Graphic

IMPORTANT: This extension only works with the new Google Play Store website. In case you don’t see the feature graphic, try Chrome incognito mode. Anyway, the new store will be available to everyone soon!

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The Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer extension is absolutely FREE and available to anyone who uses Google Chrome browser. What are you waiting for? 🙂


Drive more app downloads with Conversion Rate Optimization

As you well know, App Store Optimization is not only Search. Conversion Rate to install plays a big role in optimizing the traffic for mobile apps and games, and driving more downloads. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an essential part of ASO cycle – improving conversion rate can help take a full advantage of all the incoming traffic – both organic, and non-organic.

Conversion Rate optimization on Google Play Store is affected by these ASO elements:

  1. User Ratings
  2. Localized Product Page
  3. Icon
  4. User Reviews
  5. Feature Graphic
  6. Screenshots

As you can see, Feature Graphic is the second most important graphic element that influences Conversion Rate to install. Due to less visibility given to screenshots on Google Play, Feature Graphic becomes critical factor that convince the users whether to download.

Better App Store Optimization with our Chrome Extensions

With this new Google Play Feature Graphic Viewer extension, we add up to the list of other useful extensions for ASO:

We are working on more amazing tools to help you with ASO process at any stage – stay tuned! 🚀

Did you already try our new Google Play Store Feature Graphic Viewer Chrome extension? Do you like it? Tell us all about it in the comments and don’t forget to rate it on the Chrome Store!

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Spy Feature Graphic for Any App on Google Play Store with our New Google Chrome Extension
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