Introducing Installs per Keyword for Google Play Store: 100% Accurate Data [NO ESTIMATES!]

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On 11th of January 2018, after a major update, Google started revealing installs per keyword data for selected developers in their Google Play Consoles.

User Acquisition Reports now provide Organic Traffic data split into Search and Browse, with a further breakdown of Search traffic, revealing the installs attributed to keywords used in Play Store Search. Previously, the developers could only see the Store listing visitors, Organic Installers and Buyers data. The breakdown of installs per keywords is currently available in Google Play Console to less to 1% of Android developers.

Meanwhile the new feature is still being tested before being open to all developers, we found a way to get this data for any app or game published on Google Play Store and made it available in TheTool.

Installs per Keyword for Google Play Store

We are very proud to present our new feature that can reveal the REAL keywords that bring installs for Android apps on Google Play Store. Search is still the major source of app discovery, and over 50% of users actually find apps through search – both on the app stores and web search.

In order to make effective business decisions and optimize the visibility of an app, we need to rely on accurate data – the estimates can not be trusted here. In the Installs per Keyword report, we provide the data taken directly from Google Play Console.

Installs per Keyword table

How can this data help you improve you keyword optimization strategy?

  • Learn what keywords are bringing organic installs to your app or game.
  • Analyze the conversion rate to install on any particular keyword.
  • Review the retention of users coming from particular search terms.
  • Focus on keywords that perform well for your app in terms of downloads, conversion rate and retention.
  • Optimize indexed textual elements of your app accordingly (Title, Short Description, Long Description).
  • Track monthly improvements and tweak your keyword strategy.
  • Benefit from the increase in organic installs!

A bit more about the report

This is the first beta version of the Installs per Keyword Report. More data is to come in the next days, together with other improvements.

Big apps and games will certainly have more keywords to analyze and more data overall. Smaller apps, however, won’t have that much data in the beginning – if the keywords do not generate enough volume of installs to be isolated, they are included in “Other” keywords row, just like in Google Play Console.

The data is provided monthly, starting from October 2017, and is only available for previous month (as Google provides it).  To view the data for current month, we need to wait until the next month. Just as it is currently in Google Play Console, the data can not be split up by country.

Maybe this is not the Holy Grail of ASO yet, but it helps so much! Now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

How to view Installs per Keyword in TheTool

Our new feature is available in all our paid plans. If you are already a user, login here and follow the steps!

Not using TheTool yet? Don’t worry, we have a nice FREE trial so you can try before paying.

Follow the steps in this particular order – we have improved the process of integration and now it takes less time (if you follow the order)!

  1. Add your Android app or game to TheTool.
  2. Integrate your Google Play developer account
  3. Go to ASO Tools and Select Installs per Keyword (Gplay)

ASO Tools menu

Google Play Console Integration

In order to get Installs per Keyword report, you need to integrate the data from your Google Play Console to TheTool.

Follow these steps:

1. Invite as a user to your Google Play Console, with the permission to view Financial data:

Google Play Console Integration 1

2. Start the integration in TheTool with this email:

Google Play Console integration 3

3. Verify your account by clicking a link you receive in an email

4. Wait for 5 minutes and access the report! Enjoy! 🙂

Installs per Keyword: Table explanation

The Installs per Keyword Report is organized in a table with the following data:

  • Search terms – keywords of the app on Google Play that get organic installs globally, where:
    • All Search terms is a sum of all search terms in all countries.
    • Others – Mid and long-tail keywords that generate downloads, but do not generate enough downloads to appear as isolated keywords (Google criteria). It’s sad, but most of non-branded keywords and long-tail keyword combinations with low traffic go here…
  • Store listing visitors – Unique users coming from specific search that visited the product page, globally.
  • Installers – Download data per keyword, globally.
  • For 1 day – Retained Installers for 1 day for any particular keyword.
  • For 7 days – Retained Installers for 7 days.
  • For 15 days -Retained Installers for 15 days.
  • For 30 days -Retained Installers for 30 days.

In a nutshell: Installs per Keyword on Google Play

Downloads per keyword is one of the most important ASO Factors as it is taken into account by app stores’ algorithms when ranking apps and games for certain search terms. Having the accurate data for Installs per Keyword can help developers and marketers have better understanding of their Search Optimization Strategy, see what keywords require optimization, and take actions in order to increase organic downloads of their apps and games.

We don’t know how long will it take Google to provide this data to all developers, but until it happens – we provide a solution!

What do you think of our new ASO feature? Have you already tried it? Have you already seen what keywords are bringing installs to your app? We want to hear from you in the comments!

And, as usual, feedback is more than welcome.

Let’s rock!

Introducing Installs per Keyword for Google Play Store: 100% Accurate Data [NO ESTIMATES!]
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Katerina Zolotareva

Katerina Zolotareva

Katerina is Marketing and Customer Success Manager at TheTool. She loves writing about App Marketing and Mobile Growth and helping app developers promote their apps! :) Follow her on Twitter or contact via LinkedIn

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Installs per Keyword for Google Play Store: 100% Accurate Data [NO ESTIMATES!]”

    • Hi Nik,
      “Others” is a group that combines basically all mid and long-tail keywords that do generate downloads, but do not have enough volume of installs to be isolated as a separate keyword. It is quite normal, though – most of non-branded keywords would fall into this category. You probably have many long-tail search terms but not enough installs on them for Google to isolate them.
      This should change as soon as you start getting more downloads and Google has more data about them!

  1. Hi Katerina,

    So basically this feature doesnt have any spesific differences with keyword per install data from Google Console, right? When I use this feature, I am actually hoping that I can get the detail keywords data for “others”.

    • Yes, that’s right!

      The thing is we launched this awesome feature 6 months before Google Play console opened this data to everyone =)

      Kind regards.

  2. Oh I got it. But, I hope this feature can give us any others interesting function in the future. Maybe more than Google Console. 🙂

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