Stay Up To Date With Your Daily ASO Reports: Slack & TheTool Official Integration

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We have big news – we are glad to announce that Slack & TheTool integration is official from today! With this new integration you will receive daily App Store Optimization reports about your apps on your Slack workspace. Read and find out how to make the most of Slack & TheTool integration in this post.

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Meet our new Integration: Slack & TheTool

All the important ASO metrics delivered straight to your Slack workspace. Don’t miss any detail about your app visibility and performance – get notified about your app rankings in the Top Charts, Keyword Rankings and the number of User Ratings received.

Daily notifications anywhere you are with Slack

Select the apps you want and the data (Keywords rankings, Top Charts rankings and User Ratings) you want to receive and… it’s done!

Slack + TheTool integration in action

How to integrate TheTool & Slack

Integrating Slack to receive daily updates is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Login in your TheTool account and go to the Integrations section.
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your Slack workspace.
  3. Add Slack Integration and select the user or channel to send the information to.
  4. Select the apps and the information you want to receive about each one of them.

Choose the metrics you want to be notified about

Receive daily ASO updates in Slack

Keep an eye on your ASO metrics for each app and never miss a detail that matters. TheTool integration with Slack allows you to track the following KPIs:

1. Keyword Rankings

Would you like to know if there are changes in your keywords rankings and distribution? Now it’s possible! Get daily notifications about changes in keywords rankings and distribution for both Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Daily ASO Keyword Tracking and Distribution on Slack

2.Top Charts Rankings

Wondering if your position in the Top Charts Rankings has changed today? You will be able to receive a message telling you if rankings are different (in each category). This way you will be able to take decisions regarding your app rankings – don’t miss out a chance to improve your strategy!

Daily Top Charts Tracking with Slack

3. User Ratings

Are you trying to track Users Ratings? Now it’s very easy to check out if your app has new Ratings every day. Thanks to our integration with Slack you will receive a daily notification revealing:

  • The exact amount of new Ratings.
  • The exact amount of All Time Ratings.
  • Average rating compared to the day before.

Daily average and volume ratings on Slack

Daily App Store Optimization Reports in Slack

With Slack & TheTool integration you will get daily reports about your app’s most important ASO metrics. This is the perfect match to help you monitor your App Store Optimization strategy and take the right decisions to grow your mobile business. Download the official Slack mobile app and stay up to date wherever you go!

ASO data by TheTool on Slack mobile app

In addition to Slack Integration, remember that in TheTool you can also integrate:

  • Google Play Console
  • iTunes Connect
  • AppsFlyer
  • Adjust
  • Google AdMob
  • More integrations coming soon! 😉

BTW, we have made some improvements so now you are able to edit your integrations straight from your TheTool account.

Track your apps’ ASO performance as much as you can and get a better picture of your ASO strategy!

Have you already integrated Slack with your TheTool account? What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments. And, as usual, feedback is welcome 🙂

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Cristina Stefanova

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