TheTool’s 2018 Year Rewind – Happy Holidays!

Another year goes by, and for TheTool it has been a great one (and the second overall in its history!), and just like YouTube or other popular platforms do, we find it appropriate to sum it all up for you!

Early year – New unique features and ASO Google Chrome extensions

This year 2018 was our first whole year in history (it’s crazy to think that we were presented in society in April 2017!), so we really wanted it to be great, and we were coming in strong with the release of a new keyword density feature and 2 Google Chrome extensions. We’re pretty sure you are already familiar with them, but for those absent-minded, let’s do a brief recap.

On the one hand, Keyword Density is a powerful tool that goes through all textual elements of the product page of any app in order to calculate the density of the keywords in the text fields, so it becomes in handy to analyze your own product page (or your competitors, if you want to come up with more keywords to track! But don’t tell anyone! 🤐).

On the other hand, we launched two Google Chrome Extensions to help you with ASO (we’re never tired of that!): Search Popularity for ASA & ASO and Google Play Short Description. The first one helps you identify the data provided by Apple Search Ads in terms of search volumes, whilst the second one allows you to see the short description in the Google Play Store website. Simple, but classy. And useful!

As we continued growing we had an ambitious goal (still alive today), which was to provide our users with the all-in-one ASO tool. And keeping that in mind, we began to release more features following an accurate roadmap: Keyword Suggestions for both stores, Installs per Keyword on Google Play Store (we were the first ones to launch this feature ;)), Keyword Spy… The list goes on and on (and will go on and on, our roadmap is filled with many great ideas!).

Installs per Keyword on Google Play
Google Play Installs per Keyword on TheTool

On March 22nd, we went to App Promotion Summit London, on which our CEO, Daniel Peris, and Marketing & Customer Success Manager, Katerina Zolotareva, hosted a workshop on Keyword Research for App Store Optimization, which was a huge blast with tons of attendees.

Daniel Peris and Katerina Zolotareva in APS London 2018
Our CEO, Daniel Peris, and Marketing & Customer Success Manager, Katerina Zolotareva, during their workshop on APS London 2018

Mid-2018: 3rd edition of Applause

On June 1st, along with PickASO and AppsFlyer, we held the third edition of Applause, the first congress in Spain dedicated exclusively to App Marketing and Mobile Growth. Located in the fantastic W Barcelona Hotel, the event was a huge success: great talks in the form of panel discussion and workshops, 250+ app marketing experts, and last but (definitely) not least, great food and drinks. What else could you ask for? Oh yeah, constant great views to the sea 🙂

Networking at the Private Terrace at W Hotel Barcelona
Tons of networking possibilities during Applause

The result couldn’t have been better. There were lots of great insights provided by different experts about the latest happenings in the mobile industry, as well as future trends. Attendance was great, providing all of us great networking opportunities thanks to the many breaks programmed to do so, on which we could see everybody exchanging opinions and business cards.

Late 2018: ORGANIC, APS Berlin, More Features and New Plans

We came back for the summer holidays introducing more features, such as the return of Installs per Keyword, advanced team members structures and new formats for CSV export. However, the most exciting one for us was the presentation of our brand new Sensei Plan, introducing an API for the first time. It’s our most advanced plan and it sure won’t deceive those who want to bring ASO to the next level.

We also organized with PickASO the 4th edition of ORGANIC: The App Party, an afterwork party for mobile app marketing professionals that allowed us all to share insights on app marketing strategies. We also introduced for the first time TheAwards, on which we rewarded the best apps in Spain with awesome prizes. After the talks, the rewards, many drinks and much more dancing, we can totally assure it was awesome.

And to finish the year we went to App Promotion Summit Berlin and hosted a workshop about How to make money with Apps + ASO, the main (and first!) event regarding app marketing. Not only it was a great opportunity for us to learn from the world experts in the mobile app business, but it also allowed us to do plenty of networking and teambuilding.

Conference during APS Berlin 2018
One of the talks that took place at APS Berlin 2018 – Don’t you know Gessica and Andy? You should 😉

Wrapping it Up – TheTool’s 2018

This was a short recap of the many things we have been doing this year, a year that has been great for us in terms of growth. We’ve developed many new and unique features that users have totally loved (and also our competitors…!), thanks to the 9,504 cups of coffee that we’ve had among all of us in the office over 2018 (margin of error: 2), but especially the good times we’ve shared that made our internal bonds stronger than ever.

Some milestones 🥂

  • We grew our team from 5 to 9 people
  • Launched 17 new features
  • Developed 3 ASO Chrome Extensions
  • Reached 16,000+ registered users
  • Reached 400+ active customers from all around the world
  • Drank 9,504 cups of coffee
  • Moved to a new office… Now we have to move again!
  • Published 58 posts (59 with this one!) on our blog
  • Hosted 2 ASO workshops
  • Hosted 1 ASO Roundup with some friends

We are looking forward the next year really excited and eager to deliver many new features and to keep growing all together.

Happy Holidays! 🍾🍾🍾

Have a great end of 2018 and even a better entrance of 2019!

TheTool’s 2018 Year Rewind – Happy Holidays!
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