Why Your ASO Does Not Work [TheTool + AppsFlyer MAMA Board]

At TheTool we are very proud to announce that our Marketing and Customer Success Manager, Katerina, has taken part in the sixth edition of MAMA Boards, a video project launched by AppsFlyer that features leading mobile marketing experts on camera. Entitled “Why Your ASO Doesn’t Work“, Katerina shares her knowledge on the most common challenges that marketers have to face in App Store Optimization, as well as provides tips and advice on how to avoid them and increase your app’s visibility.

ASO is a basis of any mobile marketing strategy, but we know it can be pretty challenging. Katerina made it clear and easy with a well-structured whiteboard, she went over the 5 aspects that could possibly go wrong in ASO: Search Strategy, Localization, User Feedback, Conversion and Acquisition:

Not only she solves these common problems, but she also offered some bonus advice in order to improve ASO. Here’s the video and the link to the article, where you can get the video transcription. Don’t miss this awesome and practical video-guide that will make your life (in terms of ASO 😉) easier:

Why Your ASO Doesn’t Work [AppsFlyer MAMA Board]

Why Your App Store Optimization Doesn’t Work – AppsFlyer

The ASO MAMA Board

Katerina ASO mamaboard appsflyer

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Why Your ASO Doesn’t Work [AppsFlyer MAMA Board]
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