The 25 Most Downloaded Games of the Entire History of Google Play Store [Infographic]

Ready to discover the 25 most downloaded games EVER on the Google Play Store? Our new infographic may help 馃槈

We’ve just released our new Spy Downloads tool on the Google Play Store a few days ago as part of our November Update and we are so excited about giving you the opportunity to spy on any app or game’s downloads. This new tool helps all developers and marketers with App Store Optimization. Let’s begin right now with this amazing new tool and dive deep down into the whole history of Google Play together. We have worked with love on a brand new infographic in which you will discover the 25 games that received the most downloads ever on the store and, so, are always present in the Top Charts. 馃殌

Google Play Store: discover the 25 most downloaded games from day 1

Do you have an idea of which games have received the most downloads? Which ones are part of the top 5? Which game is the most downloaded game ever?

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Among these games, you’ll find no less than tremendous successes like My Talking Tom, Clash of Clans, Pok茅mon GO or Candy Crush Saga, and huge developers with millions and millions of downloads like Outfit 7, King or Electronic Arts.

Let’s discover together the biggest games ever that made history on Google Play Store and that are generating the most downloads. Ready to find out what games they are? GO!

NOTE: For sure all these games have made a lot of money (millions) with Google AdMob network

Infographic: the 25 most downloaded games in the entire history of Google Play Store

Infographic: the 25 Most Downloaded Google Play Games

To sum up: The 25 most downloaded games in the history of Google Play

Were you expecting these games to be part of the top 25? Some of them have been on the Google Play Store for years, like Candy Crush Saga, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds Classic or Temple Run, and are forever classics, while some of them were released more recently. In any case, all of the 25 games are Google Play Store’s biggest successes of all time and generating billions and billions of downloads on the store.

馃挕 Did you notice that 4 developers have 2 games in this Top 25? King, Outfit 7, Imangi Studios and Supercell.

Congratulations to all these 25 epic games 馃弳

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Enjoy this awesome "Top 25 most downloaded games on Google Play Store" #infographic 馃殌

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