Dr. Mario World for Google Play: 30-Day Growth Analysis [Infographic]

Just a bit more than a month ago (on July 10th), Dr. Mario World was released on App Store and Google Play. Let’s go back and see with the infographic we have designed what happened in terms of growth during the first month!

Dr. Mario World: Nintendo’s second “Mario mobile game”

Dr. Mario World is the second game dedicated to our favorite plumber and its friends in being released from Nintendo, after Super Mario Run last year. And just like for the first one, we can say that Dr. Mario World succeeded in making people talk about itself. As indicated in this article, the game was available for pre-order / pre-register from June 19th, almost a month before it was released on July 10th.

Dr. Mario World

After its release, the remarkable volume of downloads made it obvious that it would be another success for Nintendo. However, some users did criticize the fact that match-three games are not original and much saturated on the market. Still, as you will see in our infographic right after, the average rating for Dr. Mario World was much better than it was for Super Mario Run, as you can see in this infographic.

In any case, it was still one of the biggest successes of the year. The game reached a volume of 4,830,382 downloads in 30 days, so we decided to investigate and analyze the data that we have to know a bit more about the game, its downloads, its visibility, its referring apps, its ratings… and much more interesting data! You’ll find everything in our infographic right below, we hope you’ll like it. 😍

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Infographic: Dr. Mario World Growth on the Google Play

Take a look at this new #infographic about Dr. Mario World 🚀

Dr. Mario World Infographic

To sum up

As it happened with Super Mario Run game, Dr. Mario World, during its launch, hit the Top Charts Rankings of so many countries on Google Play Store (USA, Japan, Spain, Germany…), but as the number of downloads has been decreasing, its visibility has also decreased both in Top Charts and Similar Apps. Did you know that downloads volume is a Similar Apps ranking factor? Read more about our Similar Apps Visibility features in this post.

Did you download the game? What did you think? Tell us everything in the comment section right below.

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