Meet the New Google Play Store Interface Re-Design [2019]

Google Play Store has just launched a new visual refresh. To make their users’ store experience more pleasant, they decided to redesign their visuals: here’s a preview of what’s changed and what’s new in the store.

An improved interface + experience

In its announcement today, Google explains that the intent of this re-design is to provide a premium interface, with a cleaner outline. But it’s also more than just design. The idea behind this refresh is to give more accessibility to the apps and to make them easier to discover for the users. To do so, Google Play Store improved browsing by adapting it to the users’ behavior in the store. For example, a navigation bar was added to make browsing more simple and much faster. The store listings layout was also updated, with more information available at the top of the page and a more striking call-to-action, once again to make things much simpler for the users and providing them with all the information needed without having to navigate a lot.

All these changes will have, for sure, an impact on Google Play ASO… Will keep you updated!

Google Play Store re-design preview

Here you can have a look at the new design of the Google Play store, in the Browsing section, in the Search section, and inside a store listing:

Google Play Store's Redesign [2019]

New Google Play Store in video

In short

With bigger icons (here are the new specifications to follow for there new design), more fluid browsing, a listing layout optimized for the users, and much more, Google Play is willing to make it the easiest possible for users to find what they are looking for. Games, apps, movies, and books are now separated into 4 different categories, enabling to find more easily what you’re searching. Overall, the aim is to improve the general experience of the users, both visually but also as regards as the accessibility of the apps in the store.

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