New Rich Results & 100% Accurate Data for iOS 12 App Store + Real Time Search & More

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We have improved our infrastructure, our overall performance and… we are presenting new features!

Not long ago we announced new features regarding our Global section: the introduction of Global Search Visibility, Global Explore Visibility, Global Conversion Rate per Acquisition Channel and Global Installs per Acquisition Channel. If you missed it, here’s your chance to catch up!

So, we have upgrade the whole data collection system for iOS apps on the Apple App Store, so keep reading because you don’t want to miss this update. Extreme accuracy for your App Store Optimization strategy!

100% Accurate Results in App Store Keywords Ranking – Introducing Rich Results

Until now, the keywords ranking data we were showing at TheTool was based on iOS 11, and now we are presenting data based on iOS 12. So, keeping that in mind, it’s possible that some results may vary in rankings, which only means that the data is now 100% accurate.

Keywords Ranking

New Information on App Store Keywords Rankings & Top 5 Apps

We’re also adding new valuable information on the Keywords Rankings table and Top 5 Apps section that will give us more detailed information on the positions of our keywords. Here’s how the table looks like now:

More information on keywords rankings

When we click on a keyword to view its rankings evolution, we are now able to see these icons next to the top apps ranking for the selected keyword, too:

New information on top apps

This is the new information that we are giving regarding keywords rankings and types of results:

  • In-app purchases / subscriptions: You’ll be able to see apps and games ranking by their in-app purchases / subscriptions.
  • Software Bundle (for both iPhone and iPad): You’ll see if that app is part of a bundle of apps that are sold together in a single purchase.
  • Collection: You’ll see if that app is part of a collection of apps that are grouped because of their theme.
  • Pre-order: We are showing apps that are currently on pre-order. We are the first ASO tool that gives that information to customers.
  • Editorial Story: You’ll see if that app is ranking as an editorial story on the App Store. One example could be “Game of the day”.

New data Pre-order

New Data Game of the Day

Summing it up, we’ll be able to see if apps are ranking with any of these types of results (not only organic results), and also if our keywords are ranking according to these features, too. Moreover, if you click on any collection result you’ll be able to see the whole collection or story on the Apple App Store:

Apple App Store Collection

Apple Search Ads Keywords Suggestions

In addition to all of that, we are also including more keyword suggestions, adding those that appear on Apple Search Ads. You can distinguish them from our suggestions thanks to the Apple icon:

ASA suggestions

BONUS: Real Time Search Tool

For some people that would be more than enough for today, but we always aim to go further. That’s why we are also releasing another tool that we’ve called Real Time Search.

Basically, this tool allows you to search a keyword for any given country in real time to see the top 100 apps that are ranking for that keyword, including all possible type of results: Apple Search Ads, App of the Day, Game of the Day, and Pre-Orders.

Until now, if you wanted to search a certain keyword in another country you had to follow an unpleasant and slow process that started by changing the language of your device. Now, quickly and easily, you can do it in a matter of seconds with TheTool. Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Moreover, the Real Time Search tool shows the results exactly as if they were viewed with a device with iOS 12.

Right now, this tool is only working with iPhone and iPad (App Store), but soon it will be available for Android apps on Google Play Store. Real Time Search tool is included in all our plans.

Real Time Search on the app stores
iPhone US Real Time Search

Wrapping up

In conclusion, our Apple App Store data is now much more accurate thanks to the update of our tracking system, based now on iOS 12. Although some users may experience some changes regarding their keywords rankings, it will be something completely normal.

We’re also providing more detailed information about keywords rankings on the Apple App Store, including all possible types of results: Apple Search Ads, in-app purchases, collections, App of the Day, Game of the Day, Pre-Orders… Pretty cool, right?

And finishing up, we also give more keyword suggestions based on ASA suggestions.

Stay tuned, as we have a roadmap full of new features and functionalities that you will definitely enjoy!

Last but not least, sharing is caring! 🙂 let us know what you think about this update in the comments.

New Rich Results & 100% Accurate Data for iOS 12 App Store + Real Time Search & More
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