App Store Pre-Order & Google Play Pre-Register Apps / Games ASO Tracking [June Update]

At TheTool we’ve been working a lot to deliver the best and most complete experience for you, and today we are proudly presenting the possibility to track App Store Pre-Orders and Google Play Pre-Register Apps.

Did you know that App Store pre-order and Google Play pre-register apps have visibility in Search?

Did you know that Google Play pre-register apps / games have visibility in Similar Apps?

Tracking Pre-Order and Pre-Register Apps with TheTool

From now on, you can add and track any apps / games (yours or not :P) that are available on Pre-Order or Pre-Register. This will allow you to start working on your ASO before making your app available. This is how it will look like on “My apps” section:

Call Of Duty Pre-Register Hardball Pre-Order

Let’s dive right into the aspects that you will be able to work with:

Keywords tracking

You will be able to implement your app store optimization strategy as if the app or game was already released on the app stores. That means that you will be able to track your keywords rankings:

Keyword Research Pre-Order Apps

In addition to the metrics that you are already familiar with, you will also be able to compare your rankings with competitors, which will be really useful to improve the store listing:

Keyword Ranking Competitors Pre-Order and Pre-register apps

Besides comparing keywords rankings, you can also check on the Keyword Spy tool to get more keyword suggestions.

SVRank & Referring Apps (Similar Apps Visibility – Google Play Store)

Another interesting thing to observe is the evolution of our SVRank (Similar Visibility Rank), or the number of apps that are already referring to our app (even if that’s on pre-register, which is kind of cool!).

Thanks to TheTool, you will be able to see the number of apps that refer to yours:

Similar Visibility Rank Pre-Register Apps

ASO Score

Last but not least, one of the users’ favorites, the ASO Score, is also available for pre-order / pre-register apps. Check the elements that are properly optimized (or not) in your store listing and the ones you could to improve before releasing your app!

ASO Score Pre-Register Apps

Of course, this score is relative, as you won’t be able to check the score given for user feedback and acquisition (because you still haven’t any), but it becomes really helpful to check the other elements that you can already improve.

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What happens when the app is released?

As you can imagine, once the app is officially released on the stores you will be able to get all the app store optimization insights from your app and check the results from your work upon release. Let’s check some real cases.

The game “The Elder Scrolls: Blades” achieved the first positions in the US Top Charts upon release, probably thanks to the work that was done during the pre-order period, the fact that’s already a well-known game and the App Store pre-order blast in Search Visibility.

Elder Scrolls Top Charts Pre-Order

On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that, even if we work properly during the pre-order phase, we won’t succeed unless we keep up the hard work when we launch the app. In this case, this game had high rankings but the bubble got burst soon enough after release:

Pre-Order Game Rankings After Release

In terms of ratings, “The Elder Scrolls: Blades” received several negative ratings at the beginning, getting 3.4 stars on average, but constant work after release allowed to improve it:

Elder Scroll Ratings Pre-Order

In a Nutshell: pre-order / pre-register apps on TheTool

After working a lot on this new feature, it is finally available and we are truly glad to announce that you have the possibility to work on your app store optimization strategy for pre-order and pre-register apps and games. We hope that it will give you the insights that you need to get your app or game ready!

A good keyword research and benchmark of your competitors is key from the very beginning, so keep doing so even when your app is on pre-order/pre-register! And also remember that App Store Optimization never stops, so don’t sleep on it and think that it’s all done when you make your app or game available for pre-order / pre-register. Keep up the good work if you want to succeed on the release date.

What do you think about this feature? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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