TheTool is Acquired by App Radar to Join Forces

Today we have some big news to announce to you all: we have been acquired by App Radar to join forces and provide you with the most comprehensive app marketing tool for you to optimize your ASO strategy the best way possible.

But before we tell you more, let’s go back to the very first days of TheTool…

Throwback to TheTool’s very beginning

TheTool was founded by PICKASO agency, the 1st App Marketing & Mobile Growth provider in Spain since 2013.

When we bootstrapped TheTool in 2017, we wanted to build a truly performance-based ASO tool for app entrepreneurs / publishers like ourselves, so that our customers can have all the necessary data to analyze their app store marketing and outperform their competitors.

It was a very big dream of ours to create a high-performance ASO technology and we spent more than 4 years working hard on this project and developing innovative tools to accompany you in your ASO journey and to help you achieve all of your App Marketing goals.

During these 4 years, we counted on more than 35,000 users and offered our services to hundreds of companies, and we had such a great time working hand in hand with you all.

Next step: TheTool becomes a part of App Radar

Today, we’re excited to share that our mission has been taken to the next level as TheTool becomes part of App Radar, an Austrian app marketing company with more than 30,000 app developers and marketers using its data-driven solutions worldwide.

App Radar, recording a second straight year of turnover doubling, has shown remarkable growth during the last year with a significant development in its product and synergy with in-house app growth consultancy. The quickly increasing number of prestigious customers like DEGIRO, Ironhide Games, Kolibri Games is proof of their customer focus and data quality.

Why App Radar?

App Radar and TheTool have a shared vision to ease the app marketing processes. Therefore, I’m really pleased that through App Radar, our customers will get access to a wider feature set and more market data. From today onwards, our customers can benefit from one comprehensive tool with app store marketing analytics, research and market insights.

“Our goal is to become a one stop shop for app marketing products and TheTool’s range of market insights is an important piece of this puzzle. We plan to build on this achievement by further expanding our reach in Europe – particularly the UK and Germany – and doubling down on product development,“ added Silvio Peruci, App Radar COO.

Please note that as part of joining the two brands into one App Radar account, TheTool will remain active for now but we strongly encourage you to sign up for the new improved App Radar account. You can do so here:

Meet TheTool & App Radar LIVE on February 26th

To know more, feel free to join our live meeting on February 26th at 11 a.m. and meet Thomas (CEO of App Radar), Silvio (COO of App Radar) and me. We’ll be very happy to tell you more about:

  • Why did we decide to join forces and what’s the benefit for you;
  • How to make the most out of your new account;
  • What changes? What happens with your data?
  • Overview of App Radar UI and UX

To conclude

Our journey with TheTool has been so insightful and enabled us to grow a lot together with you, and we would like to thank you all for making it possible.

We are very excited to see the further growth of App Radar and how they continue building the solutions for making apps more successful!

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App Radar
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