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Do you want to reach the top searches of your business? Start tracking your mobile keywords, monitor them daily and receive powerful suggestions that help you improve ASO strategy, rankings and downloads.

App Radar is the most advanced App Store & Google Play keyword tool

Optimizing the listing is a must for every digital marketer

Are you getting the most out of your app store keywords?

When it comes to search, app store keyword optimization is very similar to web SEO.

Search is one of the main channels of user acquisition in any mobile application. With App Radar you can track all App Store Optimization keywords that are truly relevant to your business and view how their rankings evolve. Better store rankings means more downloads and more downloads mean better app store rankings.

Each market has its own characteristics and thanks to App Radar you can view in a very easy way how a specific word or group of words evolves in time.

Tracking, measuring, and choosing keywords for App Store and Google Play has never been so easy.

Improve your keywords strategy with our tools

We provide you some awesome and powerful features to track, optimize and improve your app keywords

Keyword Tracking & Search Volume

Keyword search volume

Track all your rankings in 93 countries with App Radar. We help you find the most relevant keywords, the most difficult ones, and view their evolution day per day.
Our difficulty scores and the volume estimator help you boost the visibility on stores.

App Keyword Ranking Evolution

How did keyword ranks evolve since your last listing update? Which competitors are ranking high in your niche or industry? Check out easily thanks to App Radar monitoring features for IOS and Android.

App Keywords Rankings Distribution

How many of your keywords are ranking Top 10 on App Store or Google Play? How many in Top 5? And in Top 100?
We offer simple and beautiful charts that help you view and understand the evolution of your rankings distribution.

Powerful Keyword Suggestions

Do you want to rank higher for more keywords? Do you want to improve app store visibility?
We offer powerful suggestions that help you optimize your mid and long-tail strategy on both markets. 

Keywords Tagging

Keyword tagging

You’ve been asking for it – here it is! Say hi to App Radar’s brand new keywords tagging feature. Group terms into tags of your choice and study groups’ behavior to know where you need to work on. Divide your keywords into any of the categories you wish (branded / non-branded, worked / not worked yet, etc.). Click on a tag to view the evolution of that tag (i.e. all its keywords) in a single chart and to be able to work specific groups.

Are you thinking about the best ones?

The Right App Keywords Strategy for Google Play and App Store

Are you working properly on the ASO strategy of your product? When was the last time you improved your store listing? App Radar helps you see whether you’re on the right path.

App Keyword Research

Everything starts with a keyword research. When you are working on the listing optimization of your app or game, you must take into account all the features that describe your product, but also all those keywords that users are likely to search on the stores so they can find it and download it.

Search Optimization

Thanks to App Radar you can view the volume of searches and the difficulty to rank for any keyword.

In addition, we offer you suggestions, so you can improve visibility in Search, find new keywords trends, seasonal terms, etc. and conquer Google Play and App Store search rankings.

Is your listing “ASO Ready”? It should… You can check it with our ASO Score.

App Keywords Tracking

Once you have properly worked on the On-Metadata factors, the competition begins. With App Radar you can measure how rankings and visibility evolve, how those behave when you increase installs volume and also how they evolve compared to your competitors.

With our software you can track keywords rankings on both stores in more than 93 countries. You can even track your competitors.

What is not measured, can not be improved. So, monitoring is a must.

App Store Keywords Monitoring Tools

We also provide you with some useful and amazing tools to improve even more your app keywords

Installs per Keywords

View the keywords that generate installs for any of your apps or games on Google Play Store [100% ACCURATE].

With this feature you can discover which app store keywords drive you more revenue and installs, and change your ASO strategy.

Real-Time Search Results

Real-time search results

Search for a Keyword and get the most acurate data in realtime. Not only do we offer the app standard results, but also we offer every type of result you can find in App Store and Google Play: 

Pre Order / Pre Register, In-app purchases and subscriptions, app and game of the day, collections, software bundles, ads, etc

Keyword Suggest

Keyword suggest

Are you looking for more app store keyword ideas? Type a keyword and get all its “autocomplete” suggestions. Improve your strategy with long-tail keywords.

Keyword Density

Analyze the keyword density of any mobile app or game available on Google Play Store or Apple App Store to find the most relevant keywords. Spy on your competitors.

How to pick the best ASO keywords?

You want users to find, download and use your product, don’t you?

There are more than 5,3 million apps in App Store and Google Play and if you want users to find you, you have to do ASO.

Picking the right keywords is crucial to hit the higher ranks in the app stores search results, this will translate into higher visibility and more downloads, it’s as simple as that. Focus on the right ones and your strategy will start giving results soon.

Monitoring rankings and changes with the right tool is also very important in order to do App Store Optimization in the right way. Don’t you know our accurate keyword tool? Try it now.

Accurate App Store Keywords Tool 

All the keyword intelligence that you need to succeed on the stores.
App Radar helps you increase installs and revenues.
7-day FREE trial. No SDK required.

Don’t forget to optimize your app store search strategy and to track your keywords rankings daily if you want to improve visibility.

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