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TheTool covers every step of the App Store Optimization process, from carrying out a keyword research, to market analysis, app listing audit, data insights and KPI tracking. TheTool is designed to help developers and marketers take better decisions about their mobile growth strategy, optimize their apps and games to get more downloads and make more money. Try TheTool today with our FREE trial, and explore all of its benefits!

Get Installs per Keyword Report

Find out which search terms are bringing organic installs to your app with 100% accurate data from Google Play Console.

Find long-tail keywords

Get all the possible keywords combinations for your app by exploring your competitors, finding suggested keywords and getting inspired by other apps or games.

Build an extensive keywords set

Analyze your keywords to find the most effective ones in terms of difficulty / competitiveness, search volume and performance (Installs and App Conversion Rate).

Audit your ASO strategy

Get an automated audit of your app listing in any country with ASO Score algorithm and receive actionable tips on how to improve each element.

Stay updated with daily reports

Never miss a thing with email reports and Slack integration, providing daily updates of your keyword positions, top charts rankings and user ratings.

Refresh keyword rankings whenever you need

With on-demand keyword updates, refresh your rankings as often as you want to monitor the visibility during special events or promotions.

Understand and visualize your KPIs

Find correlations between visibility metrics, user feedback and installs volume, and visually track your app’s performance after each marketing action.

Analyze the effect of organic uplift

Find out how many organic installs do you get per each non-organic install and how many installs would you need reach the highest positions in the top charts.

Go global with your app or game

Track and analyze your KPIs in 90+ countries and get a Global ASO report with an overview of your metrics worldwide.

Optimize your ad spend with visibility insights

Analyze organic and non-organic installs, top charts visibility and get the insights on organic search term data to optimize your ad spend.

Monitor ad revenues

Track the revenues from display ads with AdMob integration, optimize the RPM and volume of revenues against the installs

Take care of the user feedback

Monitor user ratings daily, make sure your average score is high and you’re receiving enough ratings for the volume of installs you get.

Competitor benchmark

Compare your app’s visibility and user feedback against your competitors, and receive category benchmark to evaluate your performance.

Tailored pricing

Our pricing plans are designed according to the specific needs of indie developers, startups, medium or large businesses and app marketing agencies.

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Whether you are a big company or a small startup, we can help you with your App Marketing strategy. TheTool tech is already helping hundreds of companies grow their app businesses through Performance-Based ASO and data-driven actionable insights.
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