Data integrations

Developer Consoles & 3rd party data from partners

Integrations. All data in one place.

Integrate data from partners to view and measure how your mobile apps perform on app stores: developer consoles (both iTunes Connect & Google Play developer console), attribution partners, analytics platforms and ad networks.

The more data sources you integrate, the best results you’ll get.

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Data from Developer Consoles

Integrate your Apple iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer Console accounts with TheTool and import installs and conversion rate data into the dashboard.

Developer Consoles

Google Play Developer Console integration

Apple iTunes Connect Integration - TheTool

Data from Attribution Partners

A Tracker / Attribution partner allows you to measure and understand installs and business. Integrate your tracker with TheTool and distinguish organic and non-organic installs in your dashboard.

Attribution Partners

AppsFlyer Integration - TheTool


Ad Revenue data from Ad Networks

Are you making money with Ads? Integrate your favorite Ad Networks with TheTool and import Ad Revenue data into your dashboard. Learn how

Ad Networks

Google AdMob TheTool Integration

App usage data from Analytics platforms


Google Analytics integration - TheTool

Google Analytics and other integrations aren’t available yet, but they’ll be in the upcoming weeks. Please, be patient, we’re working hard.

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