December Update: Global ASO Report (Beta)

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TheTool is always on the move – we never stop innovating, designing and creating new features to meet your ASO needs. Today we are proud to present our new feature – Global App Store Optimization (ASO) Report!

Global ASO Report – your app’s worldwide performance at your fingertips

Many of you were asking us to provide a global overview of different app metrics worldwide in one screen. So here you go – we made Global ASO report.

Do you have an international project and want to track its performance worldwide? Do you want to compare keywords and top charts rankings, user ratings, conversion and installs of your app in your most important countries? Then our Global ASO Report is for you!

Who can use Global ASO Report?

Our new feature is available for our Growth and Ninja plans.

Not subscribed yet? Start the FREE trial now!

How to access the Global View?

Enter your app’s main page, with the overview of your app metrics and main ASO KPIs.
In the selector of the countries, choose “Global” to access your global overview.

How to find Global ASO Report - TheTool

Boost your downloads with listing localization

Localization is a vital strategy for improving the visibility of mobile apps and games. The best way to find where the most demand for your product might be coming from, is to localize your app listing elements (Name, Description, Screenshots, Video) and see where the most downloads are coming from.

Here is how localization can help your mobile business grow:

  • You get an access to a constantly growing customer base.
  • You can enter new markets faster – if you see a lot of demand from a certain country, you can then localize the full content of your app or game.
  • User engagement and user experience are better when the content is provided in the native language. In turn, these metrics will improve the visibility of your app and increase your organic installs.

Read more about app localization, the best countries to localize, and find the localization checklist inside: How to Increase Downloads and Boost Your Mobile Business with App Localization

What is inside our Global ASO Report?

Global ASO Report is designed to showcase your main App Store Optimization KPIs in comparison between the different countries where your app is available.

It permits monitoring Keyword Rankings, Top Chart Rankings, User Ratings, Installs, Conversion rate and Revenues of your app or game in the countries that you are tracking.

App Metrics Global Overview

In the overview of the Global ASO Report you can see how different elements of your App Store Optimization strategy are performing on a global level.

If you are tracking keywords in different countries, you will see how they increase or decrease in positions in various countries for the period of time selected. No need to check it one by one anymore – all your metrics in all tracked countries available on one “Global” page!

App metrics: Global Overview - TheTool
Search Rankings Worldwide

How do you keyword rankings perform in different countries where your app is localized? View search rankings in different countries and analyze where do you need to revamp your on-metadata to reinforce your most important keywords.

Keywords rankings and distribution in main countries - TheTool

What are your Top 10 keywords in each country? Just select the time period and enjoy the worldwide overview:

Top 10 keywords rankings worldwide - TheTool
Worldwide Top Charts Rankings

In which countries does your app have the most visibility in the Top Charts? What are your overall and category rankings in your main countries? What is your current ranking in your category in any single country?

Monitor your Top Charts rankings worldwide on a map and track the evolution of your positions for a selected period of time.

Top Charts Rankings worldwide - TheTool
Global user ratings

How many ratings has your app received in any particular country? What is the volume of ratings received worldwide? What are the top 5 countries with the most amount of ratings? What are the top 5 countries where your app has the best average rating score?

Check this information for any period of time or for all-time since the launch of your app!

User Ratings Worldwide - TheTool

Conversion, Installs and Revenue

Besides the main App Store Optimization KPIs, in TheTool you can also track your internal performance metrics worldwide: Conversion Rate to install, Volume of Installs and Organic Uplift, and Revenue, if you monetize your app with advertising.

What else can you do?

  • Compare your Conversion rate for any period of time in your main countries
  • Analyze the correlation of your Conversion rate and Installs globally
  • Track global volume of revenue against your installs
  • View your global installs volume daily, or have it showcased on a map
  • Monitor revenue by country on a map

Global Installs Volume - Global ASO Report TheTool

Installs Volume - Worldwide on map

Ready to get the Global Report of your ASO?

Here at TheTool we believe that one of the best strategies to boost the organic growth of an app or game, is localization. Our global ASO report is designed not only for the apps with huge worldwide presence – but also for those who are just discovering localization strategy and looking for ways to track and analyze it.

We hope you enjoy our new Global ASO Report – to check it out yourself, click here to login or sing up now!

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts and comments about this new feature.

Your feedback helps us improve! 🙂

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December Update: Global ASO Report (Beta)
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