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With TheTool you can view the number of organic and non-organic installs daily per country

A Mobile Growth strategy involves knowledge. Depending on the strategy and product, you know you are successful when your app receives more organic than non-organic installs. Analyze organic uplift over time and decide to carry out actions that would increase downloads.

High volume of installs must be your priority

Downloads = Business

Mobile apps and games are launched in the stores with the purpose of reaching out to as many users as possible. However, this is not an easy task because you are not alone and your product needs to prove its value and standout somehow.

We indentify two different types of downloads: organic and non-organic. Organic (ASO) installs come mainly from the stores (Search, Top Charts, Featured…) whereas the non-organic ones come from owned media and paid campaigns.

Being aware of the relationship between these type of installs -organic uplift- is fundamental to boost downloads and, thanks to TheTool, it has never been that easy

What does TheTool do for you in terms of Downloads?

Thanks to Integrations, TheTool helps you easily track the evolution of downloads on Apple App Store and Google Play Store day per day and per country over a selected period of time.

Installs Volume Per Country

App Downloads Installs

TheTool shows the total number of installs on a daily basis and per country along an interactive chart. In addition, if you work with an attribution partner like AppsFlyer or Adjust and you decide to integrate it you would be able to see the organic and non-organic downloads separately. TheTool also calculates the organic uplift which is the number of organic users your app gains for every non-organic one.
Monitoring and analyzing this data helps you understand how your app performs in the stores. In this way you will be able to spot the amount of non organic installs you need in order to have a higher visibility and drive more organic downloads.

Current Country vs. All Countries (93)

With TheTool you can view the percentage of downloads in any country vs. the percentage of them in the rest of the countries. With this information you can easily check if your app or game is receiving more installs in one particular country than in others and find new business opportunities.
Decide whether you need to strengthen your ASO strategy in countries in which installs volume is not that high and… Improve it!

Downloads – Countries Comparison

Would you like to discover which country brings the highest volume of installs? Go global and analyze all the countries your store listing is localized in. With this analysis you will be able to spot if there are countries in which your business is going better than in others.
In that way, you will be able to improve your ASO strategy for those countries and get more and more app downloads.

Worldwide Installs Map

Worldwide App Downloads

Check your reach worldwide! Maybe there are countries that you have not even considered, but that are somehow good niches to exploit. Analyze ASO performance in those countries and localize your product page.
Growing downloads, and so business, should always be your main goal!

Accurate Downloads Tracker

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Are you aware of the relevance of downloads?

You want millions of users to download and use your app, don’t you?

Increasing installs (organic or not) should be your goal. Therefore, if you want to give a boost and gain visibility you should implement the right App Store Optimization strategy. But that’s not all, an ASO strategy would not work at all if your app doesn’t have a great amount of downloads. This means that you need to help yourself and research a bit to find out how much money you need to invest on paid campaigns that would drive you non-organic installs and make your app rank as higher as possible on the stores to acquire more and more users.

Yes, you got the idea, installs are everything.

Download analysis is one of the most important elements of ASO process. Don’t forget to track and measure your installs daily .

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