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Understand how Top Charts impact your ASO on App Store & Google Play

You know that your ASO strategy is successful when you reach the first positions!

Do you want to reach Top Charts rankings of Apple App Store and Google Play? Start tracking your app with TheTool, monitor daily its position and analyze the direct effect of its improvements on the organic downloads. TheTool is the most advanced app stores tracker.

Being on the top of the Top Charts should be your main goal

Are you getting the most out of your ASO?

Within ASO (App Store Optimization), one of your main goals should be to climb positions to reach the highest position of the Top Charts Rankings. Each market has its own rankings and with TheTool you can monitor where your app is ranking.

Each top chart in which your app or game stands out will generate a high number of installs, and this will lead to a better positioning of your keywords, increase Conversion Rate and subsequently, improve your position in the rest of the Top Charts of Google Play and App Store until reaching the highest.

Tracking and understanding app rankings have never been this easy!

How can TheTool help you improve your Top Charts strategy?

We have multiple features that will help you understand how your application responds to the Top Charts in its category and what will you need to do to boost it to the top of the Overall ranks and maximize the number of organic downloads.

Track, measure and improve the visibility of your app with TheTool

Top Charts Rankings accurate tracking

Top Charts Rankings

Our rankings tracker monitors all AppStore (hourly) and Google Play Store (daily) Top Charts rankings and gives you a handy, easy-to-use full overview of how your mobile app or game evolves day by day. Monitoring has never been so easy!

But TheTool app store tracking features do not stay there, they also let you see how an improvement of your app on Top Charts directly influences the organic acquisition, reducing the user acquisition costs and increasing the organic installs.

With TheTool you can optimize your Top Charts Rankings strategy the way you have never done before!

Handy and Extensive information

App Rankings

At TheTool we are passionate about providing high-quality information to help you make better decisions, so we don’t only show the position of your app or game in the Top Charts for a specific date, but provide you with additional information relevant to your mobile project.

How many organic installs do you get when you are in the Top 10? And if you reach the Top 1? What is your Organic Uplift after a certain marketing tactic? What’s the relation between organic and non-organic installs for a certain ranking?

In TheTool you can find all of this and much more!

Do you know everything that can make your mobile app stand out in the Top Charts?

Get the best ASO strategy

We all want to be on the top, but… Do you know what are the consequences of reaching the top positions in the App Store & Google Play Top Charts rankings?

Beyond the downloads

We all want more installs, and reaching the top positions in Top Charts, surely makes it easier to get a high number of new users, but this is not the only benefit that helps us conquer the charts.

How do keywords rankings improve when you conquer the highest positions?

How many new reviews do you get? How does Conversion Rate change based on your position? And how does this affect your revenues?

Find all the answers in a fantastic and simple one-page offered by our tool.

The magic of Organic Uplift and Top Charts Rankings

How many organic installs do you get for each paid install? You still don’t know?

With TheTool you can check this crucial information daily, but that’s not all: you will also know how it changes based on your position in the charts. This way you will know how and when to boost your marketing investment.

Make your mobile marketing budget more profitable with TheTool

More visibilty = more downloads

Our Top Charts Rankings Intelligence is everything you need to success and reach the Top Chart Rankings of Google Play and App Store.
TheTool helps you increase installs and revenues.
10-day FREE trial. No SDK required.

How to reach Top Charts rankings?

You want millions of users to download and use your app, don’t you?

There are more than 5,3 million applications in each of the app stores, and to be above all of them and reach the Top Charts, we must work hard on our product and think in growth. The goal is not only to get a large number of installs but also an excellent average rating generated through a high number of user reviews and ratings, have a high Conversion Rate, an excellent image with our icon, screenshots and featured video, etc.

Achieving Top Charts rankings success is a complex and arduous task, involving multiple factors, and you can measure all of them in TheTool.

Achieving the best positions in each of the Top Charts rankings is one of the bases of any ASO strategy. Don’t forget to track, monitor and measure the results of your application or mobile game daily with TheTool’s tracker.



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