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Easily track & optimize your ASO strategy, increase your apps downloads on App Store & Google Play and make more money

We provide you the data, insights and tools needed to improve the visibility of your mobile app.
TheTool is your ALL IN ONE ASO & App Marketing Tool.

Boost your Mobile Growth like a boss

TheTool is the only ASO tool you need: extremely powerful & very easy to use.

Track everything related to your App Marketing strategy: organic & non-organic installs, keyword rankings and intelligence, Top Charts rankings, user ratings (feedback), conversion rate, revenue and much more. Because ASO is not only search or SEO for mobile apps… It’s more!

Measure and understand the impact of your App Store Optimization strategy and efforts on Apple App Store & Google Play Store, maximize your visibility and grow your App Business. TheTool allows you to view and measure Organic Uplift (relation between organic & non-organic installs) in a really easy way.

TheTool has been developed by SEO & ASO + App Marketing & Mobile Growth consultants with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. We know how to grow and…

We    App Store Optimization

Performance-Based ASO

How is installs volume affecting Top Charts rankings? How are Top Charts affecting organic installs? How are installs affecting Revenue? and Keyword rankings? Is average rating affecting conversion rate? Is icon affecting CTR on listings?

With TheTool you can view, measure and understand the impact of your ASO strategy in Search rankings / Top Charts rankings and Organic Uplift. Welcome Performance-Based ASO!

Actionable insights

Measure how your apps perform on Apple App Store Store and Google Play Store, improve their rankings and visibility, track conversion rate, get more organic installs and make more money. Mobile App Marketing & ASO made simple!

Get the most accurate, affordable and actionable data-driven insights and win the app stores war. We turn Big Data into business and keep it simple so you can easily increase apps downloads and revenue.

App Marketing for everyone

Are you an app or game developer, marketer, app entrepreneur or mobile growth hacker? Maybe a SEO / ASO consultant or agency? App Marketing or digital marketing company? TheTool software can be used by everyone!

How? Easy! Just SIGN UP, add your apps and keywords (for ANY country), integrate third party data (dev. console, attribution partner, etc.) and you’re ready to go.

ASO made simple and beautiful

Beautiful, powerful & easy to use. Are you ready to grow your app business?

TheTool main dashboard

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TheTool is the Mobile Growth & App Marketing tool you were looking for!

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TheTool Features. It’s not just an ASO tool for apps…

ASO? Mobile Growth? We can take you to the next level with our App Store Optimization tool:

Worldwide Tracking

Organic Installs

Top Charts Rankings

Keyword Rankings

User Ratings

Conversion Rate


Competitors Tracking

Keyword Research

Keyword Suggestions

Exclusive Optimization Tools

Team Members


Email Alerts

CSV Data

More features coming soon…

Love our amazing features? Do you want to know more?

An ASO Tool in your pocket

You don’t need to be in front of a desktop computer to track your Mobile App Business. There are mobile apps for that!
Download our native apps and have the ASO of your apps or games in your pocket!

TheTool mobile app

TheTool app on Google Play
TheTool app on the Apple App Store

Increase app downloads & revenue

Whether you are a big company or a small startup, we can help you with Mobile Growth. TheTool tech is already helping hundreds of companies grow their app businesses through Performance-Based App Store Optimization (ASO) and data-driven actionable insights. SEO for apps? We know how it works!

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