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App Store Optimization for everyone. TheTool is the only tool you need: extremely powerful & very easy to use.

TheTool ASO tool

Track everything related to your App Store Optimization strategy: organic & non-organic installs, keyword rankings and intelligence, Top Charts, user ratings (feedback), conversion rate, revenue and much more.

Measure and understand the impact of your Mobile App Marketing strategy and efforts on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store, maximize your visibility and grow your business. TheTool platform allows you to view and measure the Organic Uplift (relation between organic & non-organic installs) in a really easy way.

TheTool Benefits


Reduce eCPI and UA costs

Get all the the metrics used to optimize ad spend in one place! Integrate AppsFlyer or Adjust to track both organic and non-organic installs, and measure the organic uplift to optimize the costs of the campaigns and reduce your eCPI.

Similar Apps

Track visibility in similar apps

Analyze and compare the visibility in Similar Apps per country and globally. Use our Spy Referring apps tool to see the list of apps that link to any app or game through their Similar App Cards, and improve your visibility in Explore.

ASO Internacionalization

Manage your localizations

Track your performance worldwide in a separate dashboard and get a visual comparison of your KPIs across countries. Areas for improvement are easy to identify, and the ASO Score helps find solutions to improve each area!

API Data

Get your data via API

Integrate ASO metrics to your internal business intelligence tool, Google Data Studio, Tableau or any other platform with TheTool API. Keep all KPIs together in your custom dashboards and take better decisions, faster.

TheTool has been developed by Digital Growth consultants with more than 10 years of experience. We know how to grow and…

We ♥️ Data for Mobile Growth

Get your ASO Score

Need tips to optimize or audit your product page / store listing? Look no further. ASO Score is the best App Store Optimization grader in the market that analyzes your app and gives tips and recommendations to maximize its visibility in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store and improve Conversion Rate in order to get more downloads.

Get a personalized report with a deeper analysis and recommendations

ASO Score
ASO Keywords

Track the main ASO KPIs

TheTool covers every step of the App Store Optimization process, from carrying out a keyword research, to market analysis, app listing audit, data insights and KPI tracking.

TheTool is designed to help developers and marketers take better decisions about their mobile growth strategy, optimize their apps and games to get more downloads and make more money.

Go global

Global ASO Report is designed to showcase your main App Store Optimization KPIs in comparison between the different countries where your app is available.

It permits monitoring Keyword Rankings, Top Chart, User Ratings, Installs, Conversion rate and Revenues of your app or game in 93  countries and focus in your most important countries

International ASO
ASO Competitors

Track your competitors

With TheTool you can analyze the visibility of your competitors and get valuable insights for your strategy, Search, Top Charts, Similar Apps & User Feedback

ASO is a process of constant analysis of your app data and its evolution against your competitors. With TheTool you can analyze both factors in a simple and easy way!

TheTool platform features

Worldwide Tracking

Keyword Rankings

Top Charts Tracking

Downloads Data

User Ratings

Conversion Rate


Competitors Tracking

Keyword Research

Keyword Suggestions

Optimization Tools

Team Members


Email Alerts

CSV Export

and more...

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Whether you are a big company or a small startup, we can help you with Mobile App Marketing. TheTool platform is already helping hundreds of companies grow their businesses through Performance-Based App Store Optimization and data-driven actionable insights.