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Search (Keywords)

We provide you with accurate keywords data for Apple App Store & Google Play Store in 70 countries. Make your app visible in Search!
ASO Keywords tracking

For what keywords is your app ranking? In which countries? Track your app’s and competitors’ keywords, view how your keywords rankings evolve daily and get new mid and long-tail keywords suggestions to increase your visibility in app store search.

Get traffic, difficulty and competitors estimated scores for all keywords in all countries and languages so you can choose the right ones. For example, unless you have a high budget or a big “app network” to generate hundreds or thousands of downloads with cross promotion tactics; mid & long-tail keyword strategy is KEY for recently launched mobile apps and games to start increasing search visibility and acquire organic users.

Worldwide Tracking

Now you can monitor all your keywords in 70 countries. Analyze the difficulty and search volume on the app stores and find the best search strategy for your project.

Rankings History

Analyze your keywords evolution with our intuitive charts. Understand the effect of your marketing efforts on ASO and view how your app ranks against your competitors.

Rankings Distribution

We help you view in a quick and easy way the evolution of the distribution of your keywords rankings. How many of your keywords are in the Top 100? Top 10? Top 1? Simple!

Powerful Suggestions

Do you need ideas about the keywords you can use to get more downloads? Look no further! Just submit your main keywords and App Radar will do the rest.

Top Charts (Store Visibility)

We provide you with Top Charts Rankings and installs data to help you make the right App Marketing decisions.


What happens to your app’s Top Charts rankings if you generate a high volume of installs? How many organic users do you acquire when your app is Top 10 overall free apps on Apple App Store or Google Play?

The higher Top Charts rankings, the higher visibility and so the more organic installs and revenue. With App Radar you can track your apps’ and competitors’ Top Charts rankings on both stores in 70 countries, view their evolution and understand their impact in visibility and downloads.

Accurate Tracking

In App Radar you can monitor your Top Charts rankings positions on both App Store and Google Play. Analyze the trend and growth of your app over time.

Extensive Data

In addition to the Top Charts rankings, you will also know the number of installs of your app, receive alerts for featurings and explore metadata updates your competitors have made.

User Ratings & Reviews

We provide you with ratings data and reply templates so you can focus on most important feedback and be efficient.

app radar features user ratings

The more and better user ratings, the more visibility in app store search. Also, average rating and ratings volume are, in both stores, CRUCIAL factors to turn an store listing visitor into an install.

Track your apps’ and competitors’ ratings day to day in 70 countries and view how user ratings impact installs volume. Track daily average rating and all time average rating to view how they’re impacting your business.

Ratings Tracking

Monitor the ratings you receive every day, get the volume and average rating for a specific period and analyze your evolution against the competitors.

Reply Templates

Fasten your workflow with using pre-saved templates to answer all the reviews you're receiving. Keep a consistent brand voice across the support team and save time.

Conversion Rate

We help you track Conversion Rate in 70 countries. Monitor and improve your Conversion Rate and drive more organic installs!

app radar features conversion rate

How are average rating, icon, screenshots or feature graphic impacting conversion rate? Has CVR improved with the last A/B tests? Which countries have the lowest conversion rate and have to be optimized?

With App Radar you can track your conversion rate daily in 70 countries on both App Store and Google Play and view how it impacts in installs volume and business.

Conversion rate (visit to listing > install) is one of the most important pieces in the App Marketing puzzle. It has a direct impact on user acquisition costs and mobile growth. The better conversion rate, the more installs and higher revenues.

CVR per Country

Wouldn’t it be great to see the evolution of conversion rate by day and by country? Get a better understanding of the results of the changes you make in your listing.

CVR vs. Installs Volume

How do marketing efforts impact conversion rate? Measure how the variation of organic and non-organic installs affect conversion in every country you are working on.

Installs – Downloads

The main goal of App optimization is acquiring users and we provide you with Installs data so you can view the growth of your mobile app.

app radar features app downloads (1)

What’s the relationship between organic & non-organic installs? How are Top Charts rankings affecting your organic installs? How many installs does your app need to reach Top #1 Lifestyle free and Top #30 Overall free on Apple App Store or Google Play Store in any country? How is listing localization impacting installs volume?

Integrate your developer account and track and analyze installs in 70 countries!

Installs Tracking

Integrate with partners to get installs data and view it in your dashboard: iTunes Connect, Google Play Console, AppsFlyer or Adjust. Mix ASO KPIs data with installs data and have a full view of your app growth.

Organic Data

View in a very simple way the percentage of organic and non-organic downloads, how your marketing actions affect this ratio, and understand how your app performs on the stores.

Installs & Revenue

Integrate your Google AdMob account an mix installs data with revenues data to view how downloads volume impacts business. You can check RPM per country and find highly profitable countries you did not have under your radar. The more installs, the more revenue.

Organic Uplift

Do you know how many organic installs you get for each non-organic one? What’s the relation between organic & non-organic? Get this data on a daily basis per country, and…

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