Conversion Rate (to Install)

Track the Conversion Rate to Download (CVR) of your app or game

We help you easily monitor it per day and per country

Conversion Rate to install is a crucial ASO metric that will reveal if your strategy is working properly, that is, if downloads volume is experiencing a boost.

It plays an essential role in your ASO strategy

Are you getting the most out of your Conversion?

After you have worked on improving your mobile app or game’s visibility in the app stores you need to increase installs volume. Otherwise all the effort would be worthless…

How can you do that? Remember that Conversion Rate to download (CVR) is the percentage of users that come across your app store listing and end up downloading the app. If you want to have a high CVR, you need to optimize visual assets, pay attention to user ratings & reviews and provide users with high quality localized content. Improving CVR will help you get more downloads with the same amount of traffic!

Find out the best version of your product page that leads users to download your app and therefore increase the volume of installs, driving more organic installs to your listing and helping you lower user acquisition costs.

TheTool ❤ Conversion Rate

TheTool tracks 93 countries and provides you with Conversion Rate daily data per country. In addition, you can easily note down changes in the product page and check their impact on volume of installs.

Conversion Rate vs. Installs

Conversion Rate Countries

Do you know how did your Conversion Rate change over time?
You can find the answer to all those questions in a simple and visual way with TheTool. We put together public and private data to show you all the necessary information you need to know in order to optimize it and get more downloads (and so, make more money).
Also, TheTool is the only App Store Optimization tool that keeps track of CVR changes over time, per day and per country. Are you wondering about what were the changes you carried out some time ago and improved it? Don’t worry, you will be able to check it with just one click.

Conversion Rate Comparision

Conversion Rate Competitors

Is your app or game localized in different languages? Would you like to compare Impressions, Installs and CVR in different countries? You can do it with our “Global” feature!
Go Global and find out what is the best country for your business in terms of those metrics. You can check if there are countries in which your app or game is not getting through people as much as in others and plan out a better strategy and boost your business in your worst performing countries.
Remember that visual assets are crucial Conversion Rate elements and you should adapt them to the culture and trends of each one of the countries your app is available in.

Do you know what are the factors that have the biggest impact?

ASO = Traffic + Conversion

The first and the most important factor is your product. You have to be creative and innovative and go beyond your competitors. Make sure you have something to offer, optimize your listing and launch your app or game!

What’s the next step then? Once your app is out there and is ranking high in the app stores, you will probably have a high volume of traffic, and now it’s time to turn it into active users!

Do you know what’s the first thing users look at before downloading an app? User feedback and visual elements. You need to A/B test and find out the icon, screenshots, videos, or feature graphic that drive more app downloads. On the other hand, don’t forget to reply to users feedback and keep them happy.

Higher Conversion Rate = More Downloads

Our Conversion Rate Intelligence is everything you need to success in Google Play and App Store.
TheTool helps you increase installs and revenues.
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Conversion Rate is KEY and TheTool helps you with that

TheTool helps you track (per day and per country) the Conversion Rate to Install of your app or game, in order to get more downloads. This is something you CAN NOT do with iTunes Connect or Google Play Console. CVR data is essential to know if your app marketing strategy is being implemented in the right way and grow your mobile business. TheTool helps you track ALL ASO KPIs!

As we always say: ASO is not only about traffic, it is also about Conversion (CRO).

Also, CVR not only impacts organic traffic, it impacts ALL TRAFFIC.

Conversion Rate analysis is one of the most important elements of App Store Optimization process. Don’t forget to track and measure your CR daily with our tracker.

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