TheTool Update: Better Keyword Analysis + Tracking and On-Demand Updates

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We never stop improving TheTool and keep launching new features to make your ASO process easier! This week we introduce an update to our Keyword Ranking Distribution and Keyword Ranking Table. Keep on reading and find out how to use them to improve your keyword analysis and tracking!

Keyword Rankings Distribution Update

We have updated our Keyword Ranking Distribution and now you are able to see the following data:

  • The number of tracked keywords
  • The number of ranked keywords
  • Rankings distribution

Now you can see if the new keywords that you have added contributed to your overall visibility in search, see the percentage of your keywords that are currently ranked in the app stores and understand where to apply an extra effort to improve your visibility in the stores. Remember: the more keywords you target (and rank for), the better your visibility!

TheTool Keyword Ranking Distribution

Keywords Rankings Table – Improved Data & Analytics

We have improved our interface in order to make it easier to work with your keywords and included several new features for keyword analysis and traffic! Now it’s easier to handle bigger numbers of keywords, operate with favorite keywords, analyze new metrics to select the right keywords and update them as you need throughout the day!

Take a look at our Keyword Rankings Table and discover our improvements and new features:

Mark your favorite keywords

We have added an option to select your favorite keywords – this will keep them on the top of the list so you can easily see the daily rankings and changes in position.

Try it now! Pin as favorite some of your most important (or best-performing) keywords and keep track of them in a practical way.

Select your Favorite Keywords

Suggested Keywords Update

Same feature – new look! Now it’s much easier to find suggestions for all your tracked keywords :p We have improved our interface to help you spot suggestions and find mid and long-tail keyword combinations straight away!

This feature is based on autocomplete suggestions from the app stores. Don’t forget that if there are keyword suggestions – there is search (and traffic for these keywords)!

Use this feature and include the suggestions in your tracked keywords!

Find New Keyword Suggestions

New data: Field

We have included some new data, too – Field column will tell you if your app keywords appear in one of the strongest fields for ranking (App Name / Title, Subtitle, Short Description) from your listing.

Remember that the keywords that appear in these fields have more weight for the ranking algorithm in the stores. Use your most important / relevant keywords in this field to improve your rankings!

Find Out Where your Keywords are Located

Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI)

More data for you to analyze while doing keyword research! Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI) helps you identify the keywords that would be the most effective for your project in terms of traffic and volume. KEI takes into account both traffic and the competition level (number of search results) for a particular keyword to help you select the most interesting keywords.

Make better decisions on which keywords to include in your project: the higher the KEI – the more chances you have to get more traffic and downloads.

Check the Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI)

Delete selected keywords

You’ve been asking us for this improvement, so here you go – now you are able to delete as many keywords as you want.

No more complications – just select the keywords you want to delete (or update!) and click “Delete” (or “Refresh” – read below!)

Delete as Many Keywords as you Want

Date Added

We have added a new column so you can see the exact date when a keyword was added. In case you wonder why we don’t have the rank for your keywords from some days, it is very possible that you haven’t added this keyword yet back then!

But mostly this feature is related to our big update – on-demand keywords update!

Keywords on-demand updates (REAL TIME!)

Get Instant Updated Keywords Rankings

Ever found yourself in a middle of an advertising campaign (maybe a TV ad?), tracking a special event or holiday and wondering if you could get the hourly keyword rankings updates (or even more frequent)? Now this is possible in TheTool!

Today we launch on-demand keywords update feature that allows you to refresh the keywords that matter the most, as often as you want, and get an instant update of your rankings change.

This feature is included in the Ninja Plan and allows you to have 1250 updates per day in total for the keywords of your choice.

Updates in Keywords Analysis: More data, more insights, better interface

In this post we explained you how to use our new and improved features. Now you will be able to get a better idea of the keywords you are tracking and understand if they are worth to include in your listing. Enjoy our new keywords interface and carry out a better Keyword Analysis!

Make the most of your App Store Optimization experience with TheTool updates. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Soon we will have new features and functionalities!

TheTool Update: Better Keyword Analysis + Tracking and On-Demand Updates
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