6 Tips to Effectively Market Your App on Social Media in 2019

Today we have a special guest post from Kas Szatylowicz, who is a social media manager and outreach coordinator at Nightwatch — a search visibility tool of the next generation. Check out Nightwatch blog and connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter: @KasSzatylowicz.

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6 Tips on App Marketing on Social Media in 2019

So, you decided to gatecrash the app market. Congrats!

However, now comes the real work — marketing your app on social media. Because there are millions of apps available in app stores, your consumers don’t have to download yours; they can just download a rival’s one instead.

The reason they will download yours? It’s all down to good marketing.

Social media can be a noisy ole’ minefield in 2019, and you need to have a solid strategy behind you. Join us as we take a look at how to effectively market your app on social media in 2019.

1. Pump out the content

Here’s an important point: People use social media to be social.

They also use it to learn cool new stuff.

For this reason, you need to pump out engaging content that educates, informs and entertains your audience, and which builds trust and guides them in the direction of your app. This is social media marketing 101.

What you want to do is show them that you and your app have the answers to their problems, and you can do this with vibrant content.

For example, let’s say I have a cooking app. I could then create recipes for my social media platforms that teach my audience cool stuff while promoting my app.

Don’t just stick to blog posts, though. Create humorous and engaging video content that gets everyone excited about your app. For example, how about a funny introduction video for your app?

Don’t forget to create lots of visuals using tools like Canva, too, and make them endearing and engaging. Just like Grammarly does:

Grammarly Visual Graphics
Source: Canva

2. Use Paid Ads

Social ads are a great way to reach more people. In fact, they account for 49% of mobile app downloads. That’s almost half!

Because organic reach is getting ever harder, it’s really important that you maximize your visibility by nailing your ads. Here’s an excellent resource for advertising on Facebook. Make sure your targeting is as granular as possible, keep monitoring your analytics and when your ads are successful, scale by increasing your budget each time.

3. Dabble With Influencer Marketing

If no one is downloading your app, it could be that they just don’t trust you yet.

But while they don’t trust you, they might trust the micro influencers they follow.

Micro influencers (influencers who have 10,000 followers or less) have a lot of power. Their fans see them as authentic people they can trust, and when they share a brand’s product or app, they can create a lot of buzz around it.

Spend some time identifying relevant influencers in a niche before reaching out to them. Show them you’ve got a cool new app that will really benefit them and their audience, and then work with them to figure out a way to promote it. You could go with sponsored content, or you could even create a video review. Or perhaps you could show them using the app and let them talk about how it’s benefited their day-to-day life.

Sony influencer campaign
Sony worked with as many as 30 influencers to promote their latest cell phone

At the end of the day, they know their audience best, so it’s a good idea to let them come up with their own suggestions.

4. Use Quora

Quora is an awesome Q&A platform that’s the perfect place to position yourself as the expert in your niche while gently pushing your app.

Here’s how it works:

You find a question that’s relevant to your niche, and which you know you can answer with authority. Then, you answer it using your real name (or, at least, the name associated with your app). Your answer must have depth and value, and it needs to solve the problem to the best of your ability — and preferably better than anyone else could do.

Source: Quora

To raise awareness of your app, find a way of tying your app into your answer. For example, you could say something like “we built an app that further helps the user solve this particular problem.”

As long as you provide lots and lots of value beforehand, people won’t mind that you’ve name-dropped your own product.

Plus, if you keep providing lots of value to the community, your answers will get upvoted which means they’ll become more visible.

5. User-Generated Content

Using influencers to market your content is one thing, but how about turning your customers into advocates, too?

The great thing about user-generated content is that your customers are demonstrating the value of your app for you. It’s a form of social proof — and as we all know, social proof works, with 90% of consumers listening to peer recommendations. That’s way higher than the number of people who listen to ads. User-generated content can be as simple as a video where a customer talks about your app, which you then stick on your social media channel.

To encourage your users to produce the content in the first place, you first of all need to establish a clear goal. Why do you want user-generated content? Is it to build trust, raise awareness of your app or boost conversion rates?

Knowing your goals makes it far easier to communicate with your customers about what you want them to do. If you don’t, they’ll be confused and the content will probably suck. Be specific about your branding and what style you’d like to see.

Then, choose a social media platform and a way to promote your user-generated content. For example, you might go with a social media contest, or maybe you’ll use campaign hashtags that invite your audience to get involved with their own content.

Starbucks user-generated content
Starbucks has always been great at encouraging user-generated content. Here’s a flashback to the time they got their customers to doodle on their cups.

6. Run Contests

Lastly, who doesn’t love a contest?

A contest incentivizes people to try your app. If you’re offering free trials or a pass in exchange for your customers having to do something, you’re onto a winner.

Make sure your contest is easy to enter, make it simple, and give your audience something fun to do. Perhaps you could run a caption contest on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

Contests are a great way to engage people, and don’t forget to ask all those who enter to share the post!

Alternatively, you could integrate the contest with your app and promote it via social media. All people need to do is download the app and sign up to the contest, and all you need to do is raise awareness via your social media channels.

Wrapping it up – Marketing your app on Social Media in 2019

Social media is a great place to market your app in 2019, and it’s important that you stay ahead of your competitors. Take advantage of social media to encourage more user engagement, get creative with your marketing efforts and scale your business.

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